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Linking up with Like Mother, Like Daughter. Hop on over there for some adorable pictures of Rosie's little ones. :-) Have you read Auntie Leila's book yet? It got a big shout-out on the blog this week!

I'm not going to share millions of pictures with you of our time away...but consider this your recap post. And since I have a hungry preschooler hanging out in the room with me and a grabby, wiggly baby on my lap...we'll let a picture be worth a thousand words, won't we?


I loooove the Great Lakes! It was such a treat to be able to take the girls to Lake Michigan one day. Cam was talking the other day about her love of the beach and never having visited the Great Lakes...go visit them, Cam! You'll love them!

 We also got to visit a brand new county park by my parents' house...and you know how much our family loves a good hike!!!


Getting to visit Notre Dame for my brother-in-law's graduation was lovely! Andrew and I are both double-domers, and it was so fun to share some of our favorite sites with the girls! I especially treasured the time when Maria and I snuck into Malloy (where the theology department is) so we could have some privacy while she nursed...and she ended up nurse-napping in the chapel! Lovely!

And I have to throw in an additional {happy}...the GOBS of time I got to spend with my sister this time around!!! Sisters (especially twin sisters) are such an absolute treasure. :-)


The little one got to go on her first trip to Redamak's. The burgers were incredible as always, and Sister Nugget spent her time randomly screeching and startling everyone around her. Then she'd wave and people would be so distracted by how cute she was that they'd forget she'd just given them a mini-heart attack.

Oh, she also tried to grab everything in sight because...nine month olds. It's what they do.


And NCCL was amazing, even if traveling from Chicago down to St. Louis and back again all in one day with - baby in tow! - was a wee bit crazy. Totally worth it, though!

And this picture was surreal...my publicist got a kick out of how much I loved the poster and promised to send me one!

But best of all was being home again, and watching these two cuties play together while I unpacked. :-)


  1. I can't believe how big they're getting! And that poster is FABULOUS :D Sidenote - I thought the basilica had carpet down the middle aisle??


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