7 Quick Takes - Links to Enjoy :-)

Happy Saturday, friends! Linking up to Jen today.

I don't know about you...but one of my favorite things about the weekend is having another set of hands to help with the girls...and therefore more reading time! Do you have a summer reading club at your local library? Summer reading club at the library was one of my favorite things about summer as a child...and it kind of still is! I just love looking at a stack of fresh library books (or seeing the line-up on my Kindle app...slightly less exciting but less disruptive when your only time to read is when you're nursing your baby and your baby gets distracted by the sound of pages turning).

I also love a nice set of links to peruse! So how about I give you a few? ;-)

But first...gratuitous happy baby picture....


Deirdre always has a great line-up of links in her weekly "Bits and Pieces" post, and I especially liked this one: The Difference between a Hashtag and a Hail Mary. I feel like we're all a wee bit guilty of what Marc is describing. If you haven't jumped on the Bad Catholic bandwagon yet, there's no time like the present!

(On a total sidenote, don't you hate when you're typing on your husband's computer and all of a sudden things switch over to his Greek settings and suddenly you're typing things in the Greek alphabet? What? That doesn't happen to you? Nevermind.)


Lindsay hit the nail on the head with this post about the under-appreciated vocation of motherhood. It couldn't have been more timely for me! I love her blog, because she has a way of making motherhood look so beautiful without shying away from the reality of things. I'm working on a super secret project right now (that I will eventually tell you about) and she's going to be a part of it. I'm so excited to be collaborating with her!!


On a sidenote...did you see that My Domestic Monastery is now on Instagram?! I had to distract Sister Nugget with a stack of sticky notes that she has now gnawed through and ruined in order to share that link with you...so make it worth the sacrifice!


Heather from Mama Knows, Honeychild hit another homer this week with her post on vulnerability. Such a relief to know that other people feel the same way! (Or, at least, that Heather feels the same way I do sometimes.)


Jenny of Mama Needs Coffee has been sharing some incredible posts on nfp (natural family planning) lately, among them: Can Catholics Get Vasectomies?  and Isn't NFP just Catholic Birth Control? Both very helpful if you're trying to make sense of those things yourself, or encounter others who are.


Many of you probably already know and love Anne from Modern Mrs. Darcy and I fall more in love with her writing with each post. A recent post of hers highlighted yet another new aspect of parenting for me to keep in mind, and also shed a little light on my own personality. Do you fall in one of these categories? I'm willing to bet most of us, do...Parenting the Good Kids and the Odd Ones Out.


Finally...glad to know that Coco of Convos with a 3 Year Old loves superheros as much as my girl! (Although relieved that Sister Stinky wants to use her powers for good...for now.) You may have to click over from your feed reader to see the video.


  1. Thanks for a great list of links to follow. I really want to read a few of these! Starting Monday, I am doing a series on hosting mother/daughter mini-retreats to build relationships, open communication, and help your daughter to grow grace and truth. Hope you can check some of it out.


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