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It's been one of those weeks...just recovering from the Triduum! I always get a bit of a Triduum hangover...which is a sign of a good Triduum!! If you're so zonked that you need to nap on Easter Sunday then you probably did something right. ;-)

Anyway...a bit of a photo dump today.


I love these pictures from Easter Sunday. I especially love that the only way to get a picture of two little girls looking at the camera at the same time is to...combine two pictures. Don't you just love Sister Stinky's face in that first one? Pure, pure three-year-old.

Displaying Easter.2014.42r.jpg

Displaying Easter.2014.46r.jpg

Continuing with the photo dump...I have to add this picture. We went to adoration and the park on Easter Sunday evening and Sister Nugget and I snuck off to walk alone while Andrew played with the big girl. I showed her some lovely lilac bushes, and it reminded me of the lilac bushes that grew outside Sister Stinky's babyhood home. Such a lovely smell!

This is also a shot from the park. Oh my goodness, I just...I could just eat her up. Those cheeks, that hair, those chubby thighs. Circa 9 months old is the golden age of babyhood, I tell you.

This one is actually from Easter Tuesday but...the fun lasts for 8 days, people! The Blue Restaurant had a princess/superhero night and you better believe this little girl was all about that. Although, given her recent love of superheros (did I mention that she walks up to other kids and parents and the playground and shouts, "I am SPIDERGIRL!"?) I was surprised she went the princess route. My little "Butterburger Baby" (who incidentally never orders butterburgers...).


I grew up with a sister. I know how wonderful having a sister is. So seeing these two? Be still my heart.

When did they get big enough to play in a sandbox together???

We kept the Easter baskets a bit simpler this year. Thanks to this sweet baby's godmother for the books for her basket! This little one is all about "helping" Mommy and Daddy turn pages these days.

Oh! And the fact that we've been able to maintain this tradition every year of our married life makes me very happy. It is a Polish tradition to have the foods of the first meal of Easter blessed before Easter Sunday. I really had to search around to find a parish that was doing it this year, but happily I did!


Let's view the outtakes from the above picture, shall we?

I really can't get enough of this little girl. She's so silly and creative. I can't wait to see what she grows up to be!


Last year that baby was inside me. I like her much better in my arms. :-)

And...BONUS! With the help of her daddy and Granddad, she actually stayed content while I lectored at the Easter Vigil. Hooray! But let's be honest...I was itching to get her back into my arms for the second half of Mass. 

Happy Octave of Easter! Go eat some chocolate!!!


  1. Thank you, friend, for the cuteness overload!!! You know just how to make me smile, don't you?:) <3

  2. Such sweet pictures, your sister stinky is adorable! I didn't know having the first foods of Easter blessed was a polish tradition but we had a basket of food blessed for the first time at a Byzantine parish. It was pretty cool and I'm hoping we can make a tradition.


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