Lenten Challenge #4 - Rest on Sunday

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It's the 4th week of Lent. Are you ready for Lenten Challenge #4? Rest on Sunday. (Ma would highly approve!)

When reading about the family of St. Therese of Lisieux, I remember being really struck by how committed they were to resting on Sundays. They trusted that closing up shop on that one day of the week, and giving their cares to God for a day, would allow God to richly bless them. And they were right!

It's hard to let go of control for one day of the week - to put aside our "to-do" list, our chores, our obligations (other than our Sunday Mass one, of course!), but what a blessing such a rest can be for you and your family. I know that I've share this all with you before, but it can't be overstated - you and your family need a day to yourselves. A day to be yourselves. A day to glimpse what heaven is like - a time to focus on your love for God and your communion with each other.

So, I'll ask you again...have you tried a Sunday rest, yet?

(Okay, I'm going to throw a note in here...I know that a total Sunday rest is, in unique cases, not possible. I always recall the story my dad told me, of my Polish grandfather who used to have to work long hours in the steel mills on Sundays - this was before the days of Saturday vigil Masses, too - and who wasn't able to rest on Sunday. So, he would go to Mass on Mondays, instead, and make that his day of rest. The pope at the time - perhaps the soon to be "Saint" John XXIII - acknowledged that there are unique instances like this. Of course, if you have to work on Sunday to support your family - or your husband does - and there is no way to get out of it, then still do all you can to get to Mass, and try to pick a different day or even part of Sunday to set apart as a time of rest. You can do it!)

Our family has been eagerly awaiting the nice weather...because we like to get out to a nature preserve or park after Sunday Mass!!!

And here's what we wore Sunday. We pulled out all the pink for Laetare Sunday!


Have a lovely week!


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