Following her lead...

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Have you been wondering what happened to our Before Five in a Row series? We're still doing BFIAR, but I've changed things up. I resisted it for a while, wanting to be able to blog about our BFIAR journey but then I realized...doing it the way we were doing it for the sake of continuity was silly. Sister Stinky was leading me in a different direction...and that's okay!

The way we were doing preschool was beginning to feel frustrating. She's three. She has a short attention span and a huge desire for imaginative play. That's a good thing! So rather than focus all my energy and trying to get her to do preschool my way I realized that it was time to step back and let her do things her way.

So, we still have our preschool co-op (which she loves!). We do BFIAR activities with this group. (Our Goodnight Moon class is what is pictured below.)

And we do still have our preschool time. But it's more relaxed and it doesn't always happen every day. When we do spend this time together, it's more relaxed...for both of us! There is no point in getting burned out in this school thing before we've even begun! So, we read our BFIAR book, and we follow one of the suggestions from the curriculum, and sometimes I pull out some other activity for her to play and explore with if she likes. Simple.


(Here she's exploring with weighing and sorting little counting bears for We're Going on a Bear Hunt.)

And the amazing thing? Maria Montessori was right. By following her lead, I am amazed by what she is learning. She's following her own inner drive, and I'm just providing her with the materials and opportunity. It's hard, sitting back and waiting for signs of readiness before introducing new things...but it's paying off! She's actually taking a huge interest in the alphabet right now, and she's come to it of her own accord. She's interested, and so she's ready to learn!

That's not to say that I don't try and introduce activities to her that she may not have chosen on her own (Catechesis of the Good Shepherd can be a bit hit or miss...I'm trying to figure out a more appealing way to store materials so she wants to return to them). But I'm trying my best not to force her in any particular direction. I'm trying to relax and...well...let her be 3. :-)

If you're wanting to change your child's environment to promote their learning, An Everyday Story and Racheous are currently co-hosting a series called "30 Days to Transform Your Play." I've been following it and it's pretty fantastic! Hop on over there for inspiration, if you're interested! I especially love and have been inspired by their huge emphasis on following the interests of your child to promote their learning...even if you're not sure if you think they're worthwhile interests. Just what I needed to hear! 


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