Throughout these 40 Days: Our Lenten family prayer

...the Liturgical Year, that is!!

I just have to share with you the Lenten tradition we've begun this year. As I've shared with you previously, our family already has a beautiful prayer routine for Advent, one that we've practiced since before having children. Lent has always been a little bit more up in the air for us. We've gone to Stations of the Cross some years, two of those years I was pregnant (and we all know how HG throws us for a loop during those Lents!), so...yeah. We just never had a good, set at home prayer routine for Lent. Typically, I would decorate our prayer table in purple and we'd continue with our normal prayer routine and call it a day.

But last year, I was the lucky winner of a giveaway....which made us the proud owners of this gorgeous Stations of the Cross set. If you have the money for it (it's fairly reasonable priced), I would definitely recommend it. It's beautiful, hands-on, and even comes with a little prayer booklet. Lenten prayer routine? Done and done.

Our routine is short and simple - we light our candle, sing the first verse of "Lord, Who Throughout These 40 Days" (this song, although we change up the words a bit), pray one of the Stations of the Cross from the little booklet (and hang up one of the Stations ornaments), and sing a verse of "At the Cross, Her Station Keeping." Then, we go right into our nightly prayers. Simple, no?

We were able to move our prayer table around a bit, now that the TV is mounted on the wall, and I love that it's finally at a level where our girls can actually see it. I heard it recommended somewhere (probably from Auntie Leila...who else is excited about her soon to be published book???) that having a religious image (or a prayer table, as in this case) near the TV helps to keep everything in perspective. I wholeheartedly agree!

I hear a fussy baby in the other room, but before I sign off, I wanted to give you a glimpse at what I'm really excited about this Lent...

...our own home atrium.

It may be a small start (there are a few more things I've made, and I'll share all in good time) but seeing this dream of mine come to fruition is lovely. I can't wait to share more details with you!


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