More Catechesis for Dinner

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Oh, my goodness...three year olds are hilarious. Especially three year olds who are a tad bit precocious, no? (Ahem, Julia Patton, anyone?)


Favorite food? Catechesis.

While making her lunchtime cheese quesadilla, and simultaneously prepping some pork chops for a crockpot dinner, her eyes lit up and she asked,

"Are we having catechesis for dinner???!"


Life Problem #1 - A Baby Sister Who Cries

Last night, Andrew and I were sitting in his office, and we heard the baby sister start crying....followed by a shouted, "Stop!" Baby sister would stop for a few seconds and start up again, until we heard another insistent, "Stop! Stop! Stop!" At this point, we went in to retrieve an upset baby and to talk to a certain little girl about her admonitions. Her reasoning?

"You see? Every night I wake up, I have a hard time sleeping. Her crying EVERY NIGHT!"


Life Problem #2 - Her Misbehaving Children

While playing with her baby dolls, she confided to me...                                                                        "They mess up my house! You see, every day my kids don't listen to me."

Forgetting her roots.

While watching the Star Wars cartoon on Netflix, she turned to Daddy and said, 

"That girl not have hair. That why she a bad girl. Bad girls don't have hair..."

Says the girl who looked like this for a good portion of her first year...


Maternal instincts kick in young.

Said to her sister on an almost daily basis...

"I know, I know, Ria. It hard growing up."

Recently, she renamed one of the stuffed animals from my childhood "Josie" (after one of her favorite Duggars) and she had a whole game going with Josie...part of which involved a tried and true method of relieving baby constipation...

"Her have apple juice and water. Look! Her drinking it! It gonna help her go poop."

On a totally unrelated note...I have advice to ask of all of you. After reading Kendra's post last week, I've been ruminating about blogging names vs. real names. If you're a blogger, what is your take on this? Do you use real names for your kids, blogging names, or some other form of nickname? I'm curious to hear people's reasoning behind their choice...


  1. I use my daughter's real name. I'm not really concerned about privacy. I don't publicize our last name, but I'm sure you could find it out quite easily. I put her pictures on the blog, so there really isn't much privacy anyway. It never really occured to me to use anything but her real name.

    I will admit that your blog is probably one of the only ones I read with nicknames. I don't mind nicknames like Lulu for Lucia (obviously) or even calling her L or making up a pseudonym but cutesy nicknames really bother me. I usually just unfollow a blog right away if it uses cutesy nicknames that aren't real names unless the content is good enough for me to just try to ignore it.

  2. I don't have children, so my opinion isn't really valid :-), but I do use my name and my fiances name on my blog. I figure if I put pictures of us up it is almost the same thing, as it can be copied and pasted into Google images to find out names. I don't put my address down, and if I use pictures of any children ( my nieces, nephews etc.) I always ask for permission first.

    As a reader I have a few blogs that I read where I see real names being used ex. Kendra, or pseudo names ex. Sister Stinky :-). From a readers perspective, I really don't care. It is up to you and what you feel comfortable with :-). I personally wouldn't unfollow a blog just for the reason that the blogger uses nicknames, stick with what makes YOU happy!


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