Lenten Challenge #3 - Seek Silence

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So far this Lent, we've talked about the value of gratitude, shared some inspiration for Lenten family prayer, and considered how taking decisions to prayer makes life more simple. Today, we're going to talk about silence.


There isn't much to talk about today...just something to practice. In the world we live in, it's hard to find silence. Even if you go for a walk in nature, your silence might be interrupted - by a cell phone vibrating, by the sound of a plane overhead, by a baby fussing. How can you possibly find silence in the world we live in?


My take on silence is closely related to my take on cleaning the house. It's not about perfection - it's about trying. It's not about having perfect silence (which is near impossible for many of us) - but about finding whatever amount of silence you can manage.


(There was a very slight drop here - more of a gradual drop, really- and Sister Stinky was freaking out about Daddy trying to climb down a bit. She kept telling Andrew, "Hey! Hey! Get back up here! Get back up here by me!" It's not for nothing that we call her "Miss Cautious." :-) 

The reality is that you could be in a cloistered monastery and still struggle to find silence. Sometimes, the loudest place of all can be that place of constant worry inside your head.


(Our baby carrier is worth it's weight in gold. Sister Nugget could happily live in it! And I would happily let her.)

So the challenge? To find silence when we can, and to be willing to seek and find it in small ways. Taking a minute before going online to say a quick prayer, "God, please help me to use my time online well..." is a good place to start. Waiting an extra minute or two to turn the TV on, or following Auntie Leila's suggestion can certainly help, too. It doesn't have to be a long or a perfect silence! If you can spend half an hour in Eucharistic adoration - awesome! But that might only be manageable for you once a week (or less, if you live far from an unlocked church or adoration chapel). But carve out time for prayer. Carve out time for silence. Even the smallest doses begin to open the door to God's voice in your life.


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