Rest on Sunday

As I shared last week, part of our family rhythm is to "rest on Sunday." But it wasn't always like that. When the Abbot and I met and were dating (and also when we were engaged and newlyweds) we were students. There are no set work hours for students, and the work never ends. That sort of lifestyle takes quite a toll on an individual, let alone on a relationship. The Abbot and I realized early on in our marriage that we needed a break, every week, once a week. And so, we discerned that God was calling us to rest on Sundays.

That rest on Sundays - especially as the Abbot has continued his life as a student - has saved our family in so many ways. Sundays have become a day that we all look forward to; a day to be together, to have a change in routine, and to spend quality time as a family. 

But that kind of rest takes trust. I've heard some wonderful homilies, and read some beautiful reflections about this. I especially love the dedication to Sunday rest that Blessed Louis and Zelie had for their family. Resting means that, for one day, you are not in control of everything. It means that you can't do everything you want to do. It means that you trust that God will see to it that you "get it all done." You trust that if you give God that one day, that day of rest, He will provide for you in beautiful and abundant ways. And, well, we know how that turned out for the parents of St. Therese. I remember reading somewhere that St. Therese described her family's Sundays as, "a little taste of heaven."

That's what I hope for, for our family. I hope that when our little ones grow up, they will look back on our Sundays as a little taste of heaven...a time that they were able to grow in love of God and each other.

Have you tried a Sunday rest for your family yet?

Oh, and here's what we wore Sunday!


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