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Linking up with Rosie and the ever adorable Molly and Pippo. :-)

True confessions? Whenever I say, "Preschool time," I can't help but sing it in my head to this tune. I love that song, because it brings back memories of weekly dances at the world's best summer camp.


Such a relief to read that Molly (who is close in age to Sister Nugget) has been struggling with naps, too. Goodness gracious, this girl of mine doesn't want to miss out on a moment of the fun! 

Of course, this leads to sunny "Preschool times" with my two beautiful little girls learning side-by-side. :-) Thankfully, I recently discovered that Sister Nugget loves being read to, so she's been enjoying the storytime portion of our preschool time quite a bit.


Her favorite place in the whole world is the changing pad! She loves that mirror so much!


Such a diligent little worker, my Sister Stinky is. She was so excited to get to use a pink glue stick!


When the picture is not posed, everyone is going in a million different directions. At least, that's how it feels most days! The Abbot actually took this as a test picture because our camera had suffered some injuries from one of the more enthusiastic photographers in the family.

Do you have sibling tagalongs when you homeschool?


  1. We have been trying to do preschool in the afternoon while our small one naps, but it really isn't the best time as my daughter is pretty tired by that stage and has a short attention span. When we do it with the tagalong we almost always end up with bits and pieces going everywhere or a dispute over who gets to work with what resource....but then our tag-along is a little older than yours;)


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