{phfr} - May the Felt Be With You


We were playing with some color and light the other day, and Sister Stinky requested we stick these to the window. Such a pretty effect!

(And for a little bit of {real}, the reason why we discovered these sheets was because I broke a bowl stashed in the preschool closet and had to pull a bunch of things out in order to vacuum up the pieces.)


I've discovered that having a fun project to work on on Sundays helps me relax and puts me in a more pleasant mood. Although we all love the time together, various people get thrown off by the change in schedule. But having the mother of the family quietly engaged in a project she enjoys? It does all four of us good. :-)

And...and!...the felt Millennium Falcon in the bottom picture was the first collaborative project between Sister Stinky and me, using the sewing machine. She helped guide the fabric, and the design was her idea. I was going to stuff it, but she suggested making it so that the dolls could ride in it, so we made it into a pocket. If you look closely, you'll see Chewbacca peeking out the top. ;-)


This girl is hilarious...her sense of humor keeps us all laughing! I can't wait until she starts talking. 

And, according to Sister Stinky, this is a picture of Princess Leia (one of her imaginary friends).


As I shared the other day, we started our Montessori co-op this week, which is one of the two preschool co-ops we're part of. (They meet on alternating weeks.) Sister Stinky was sooo excited for her friends to come over. When did that girl get so big? In my mind, she was a baby just yesterday....


  1. Oh man, the Star Wars figurines just keep getting better! I love it!:)


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