{phfr} A Glimpse

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Just a glimpse into our days, friends. Just a glimpse to remind me of the beauty found among the craziness of these days...


Oh, my goodness...gross motor play really helps three year olds learn, doesn't it? 


May the force be with you.

(Don't you just love Yoda's facial expression? These friends are helping us learn the alphabet. They were a fun project for me last Sunday afternoon through evening.)


Filing her nails post-trimming - a necessary part of her manicure routine.

Honest to goodness...six months old and requiring manicures? ;-)


Just a sample of the kinds of pictures I discover when I leave the camera unattended...Star Wars screen shots or pictures of her baby sister. Those just so happen to be her two favorite things in the world.


  1. Haha, those Star Wars figurines are the BEST! Chewy or Yoda is my favorite one. Oh, Sister Nugget is too adorable! Those kissable cheeks.....<3


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