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Nothing profound to say today...just a little bit of beauty to share from our little corner. :-)


Sister Stinky demanded I take a picture of her sister, so I took this one off-handedly. I had no idea it would turn out so lovely. My beautiful little baby. :-)


Both little girls going about their "work"!

Sister Stinky really enjoyed playing with the snow sensory bin that you got a glimpse of earlier this week. As for Sister Nugget...that pose lasted very briefly. The girl has mixed feelings about sitting. I think she could get it if she wanted to (and can get it for brief bits of time), but her success with it all depends on her mood.  Sigh. Try as I might, these girls march to the beat of their own drummer...


Now if I actually want a successful tummy time? Big sister. Every. Time. This baby loves her big sister, and she'll last much longer on her belly if it means she can play with her big sister!

Speaking of which, don't you love Sister Stinky's apparel? Doesn't your three year old wear a Metallica t-shirt when she's painting? (Melts her dad's heart, that one.)


I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've left the camera unattended and come back to discover various screenshots from Star Wars on it...

Oh, and a sign of a good priest? One who gets Star Wars references. Our beloved Monsignor came to dinner tonight and he was totally on board with our eldest's game of pretend. He said that in his black attire he had unfortunately once been mistaken for Darth Vader, but no worries...he's on the good side, all the way!


  1. Love all the sweet sibling photos! Star Wars is HUGE in our house as well. :D

  2. My 8yr old recently told me he thought Padre Pio looks like Obi Wan. Great moment, that.

    You have two lovely daughters! I always enjoy when the siblings want you to take a picture of the other sister/brother. It was a very pretty picture you captured.


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