Life is Worth Stinking vol. 1 - the Theology of Sister Stinky

I've eluded to some of the theological conversations I've had with Sister Stinky...thought I'd record some of the gems. And anyone who doesn't get the reference in the title, check out this link for your daily dose of awesome.

While driving in the car the other day, listening to Catholic radio, the radio host made mention of the devil, and Sister Stinky and I had the following conversation...
Sister Stinky: The debil? I hate the debil, Mommy!
Me: That's right!
Sister Stinky: Does God hate the devil?
Me (trying to condense in some way the doctrine that everything exists only because God loves it): No, God doesn't hate the devil, because God made the devil. God loves the devil, but we don't have to love the devil because the devil doesn't want us to be with God.
Sister Stinky: Doesn't want us to be with God?
Me: Nope.
Sister Stinky: Debil say to me, 'You not supposed to be with God!' And I say, 'No! You wrong. I supposed to be with God!'
Me: That's my girl!! The devil doesn't want to be in heaven with God, and he doesn't want anyone else to be in heaven, either.
Sister Stinky: 'Cause why?
Me: Because he doesn't want to be with God and he doesn't want anyone else to be either. God doesn't make anyone be with Him. People can choose. You want to be in heaven someday, though. We want everyone to be in heaven someday...
Sister Stinky: I no want everyone to be in heaven.
Me: Yes, you do, sweetheart. (For context, this goes back to our conversations on needing to share Mary and the saints and wanting everyone to be baptized.)
Sister Stinky: Mommy, when I want to go to heaven when I a big kid.
Me: When you're a big, big kid, you mean. Like when you're old.
Sister Stinky: No, when I a big kid. Mommy, [did] you go to heaven when you a big kid?
Me: No, sweetheart. Um...I haven't been to heaven yet. You have to die to go to heaven.
Sister Stinky: Ohhhhh....I go when I a big kid. [In her mind, though, I think everyone is a big kid...)
Me: Yeah, when you a big, big, big kid. Like, when you're old...

Don't grow up too fast, little one, ok?

As beautiful and profound her desire for God and heaven is, we also have conversations like this, too.
Me (in the bathroom with her at church): Did you see the priest was wearing green, sweetheart?
Sister Stinky: Uh-huh. Mommy, my friends here today!
Me: Oh, yeah? Chewbacca, too?
Sister Stinky: Uh-huh. He wear a pink sweater to church today.

chewbacca - And on Sunday I wear pink.


  1. How adorable! As the parent of a 19-month-old who has not yet started talking I am always interested to hear what other little people understand of our faith.


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