BFIAR week 7 - More Preschool Time and Montessori Mornings!

Good morning everyone! Evidently, Caps for Sale is the gift that just keeps on giving! We've been mixing up our preschool routine lately (we did some fun outdoor games for preschool last week!) and so we'll be continuing our Caps for Sale work for one more week. But here's what else we've been up to in Preschool Time!

You've already met these little friends, but I must say - they have proven their weight in gold! Here they are, observing our Caps for Sale reading...

And here they are, helping us to learn the letters of the alphabet.

When Maria Montessori talked about the importance of "trusting the inner teacher [of the child]", she wasn't joking! Sister Stinky's inner teacher is fully engaged in imaginative play and fully in love with Star Wars. Playfully bringing her favorite characters into our preschool time has really engaged her!

Speaking of which...have I shared our alphabet drawers with you yet?? They really deserve a post of their own. They were inspired by countless of examples I've seen on other blogs, and were a gift for Sister Stinky's third birthday. We pulled them out and played with them a bit last week, since we are finally beginning to learn our letters.

Above you can see the bin itself...just a simple bin bought online during a sale. The small figures themselves are mostly from Safari toobs, with a few exceptions.

Here's an example of our "L" bin (with the additon of Luke Skywalker)- a lion and a leaf. The "L" bin is pretty sparse, but I'll be gradually working on filling out these drawers a bit more.

As you can see, some letters have more small objects than others...but, like I said, I'm hoping to continue to fill them out over time!

We played around a little bit with the small knobbed cylinders this week, while the large ones were waiting to be fixed.

And my favorite part of the whole week...we played outside! I drew letters and numbers all over the driveway, and one of our favorite games of the week was having me call out a letter or a number and her running to find it. I miss that lovely warm weather! Now, I'm just itching for spring. :-)

Oh, and this Monday, we officially started our Montessori co-op! I was inspired to start this group by this lovely blogger, and I'm happy to report that our first meeting was a hit! We're starting off with simple practical life materials, and the little ones loved them! Our first meeting was rather small (only two other families in addition to our own) but it was absolutely lovely. We'll be doing our Montessori group twice a month, so look forward to more updates and inspiration from our time together.

Linking up to Montessori Mondays and continuing the 7 Posts in 7 Days challenge!

What fun learning adventures have you had this week?


  1. Woah, nothing like following a link from one of my favorite blogs and seeing pictures of myself! (I'm the one with the wee babe in the chair.) Sarah's Montessori Mornings have been such a blessing for my now-3-yo. I hope your group thrives!


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