BFIAR week 5 - Corduroy

Welcome to another installment of our Before Five in a Row series (to find out more about this curriculum, click here). Row with us?

This week we read the beloved classic....Corduroy!

Corduroy tells the story of a little bear, forlornly waiting on a department store shelf for someone to take him home. After he goes on an adventure looking for his lost button, a very special little girl comes back for him and gives him the thing he wants most - a home.

I went back to my new favorite resource, Homeschool Creations, to use their Corduroy printables. There were some really fun one this week! One of the first ones we used was this lacing activity:

Sister Stinky actually strung all the laminated "buttons" together, and waved them around the house, pretending they were a kite. (We sang a song "Let's Go Fly a Kite" while playing that, much to her delight.) She also enjoyed "sewing" her wooden beads together and making some lovely, chunky necklaces for pretending.

Baby sisters make the perfect company while making jewelry, of course.

We did a little bit of our pre-writing activity. Her interest has waned with that, as of late, which is perfectly fine, given her developmental stage.

Ohhhh...and a new favorite this week! We did some storytelling using some handmade story stones. I was inspired by the tutorial found in this book. Sister Stinky enjoyed these so much that I went ahead and made her a whole basket of them to play with.

We finished off our week by making a Corduroy of our very own, to hang up in our preschool space. I cut a bear out of a paper grocery bag, drew a face on him, and then Sister Stinky painted on his green overalls and picked two buttons to paste on. I was so proud of her for figuring out how to paint on overalls all by herself!

I've decided to make Fridays a "game day" for us. So, on Fridays we pull out our lapbook (made with those helpful printables) and play most or all the games in it. Sister Stinky enjoys playing games with Mommy, so I think that this is going to be a fun part of our weekly routine.

For math, we mainly used the penny counting game featured in the above lapbook (which she loved, since we used real pennies!)...

And we also played around a little bit with our DIY small numerical rods. I think I need to read up more on presenting them because, although she was fascinated by them, I think she found my presentation of them confusing. We'll have to try it again another week!

Have you ever read Corduroy? If not, we highly recommend it!!

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  1. Corduroy has always been one of my favorites and we enjoy reading it to the kids now. Have you used Right Start math? It's amazing at explaining the basics of math. It is supposed to start at the kindergarten level but I've been using it with my kids (2 and 3) and I find it age appropriate.


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