7 Quick Takes...Sister Nugget Style

Linking up with the lovely Jen this morning.
Handing it off to my youngest here...who is refusing to nap, and clearly has the urge to blog...


Good morning to all you people living inside my Mommy's computer!!!


Point is, we babies have plenty to share with you all.


The first thing I want to share with all of you people is this video. I love a good Sesame Street video. I do not know who "Sherlock" is, but Mommy and Daddy seemed pretty excited to see him on Sesame Street.

Personally, I thought his counting skills were a bit sub-par. I've seen my big sister count better.


And now I am going to let you in on a little family secret for keeping the babies happy.

Of course, Big Sister and I only stop crying when our Daddy sings it. I do not know who this Mr. Zevon is. He does not sing as well as my Daddy. Mr. Letterman should just be honest with him about his lack of singing skills.

But seriously, everyone, I can not begin to count how many times Daddy has silenced my screams with this beautiful song. So beautiful, and so moving.

(For the record, Mr. Zevon also got the lyrics wrong. He said a bad word at one point, when my daddy usually sings "son of a gun." Potty mouth. We don't use words like that, Mr. Zevon.)


Hey, you baby friends...raise your hands if you hate "tummy time" (a.k.a. "years off purgatory time"). I found I found this article riveting and very convincing. Ms. Gutteridge, you are a genius.

Sadly, I don't think my Mommy and Daddy will be convinced. (Well, maybe Mommy will be because I have her completely wrapped around my little finger she is so intelligent.) If I knew how to work the printer, I would print this out and give it to my doctor at my next check-up. 


I am starting to get fussy, and I am thinking that Mommy needs to do something about that. 


Thanks for typing, Mommy! Now feed me the milkies, please!!!

Thank you for your guest post, Sister Nugget. Sister Nugget is a baby, with a Mommy, Daddy, and Big Sister. In her free time she enjoys looking in the mirror, grabbing her sister's hair, and squealing at 6:30 a.m. Loudly. You can find her in her crib. Napping. We hope.


  1. hahaha oh gosh I loved this! And yes! CONVENT. But should that not work, I will willingly marry her off to a family friend. ;)


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