7 Quick Takes - Sister Nugget's Weekly Wisdom vol. 4

Good morning, blogland. We'll call this edition: "In which my parents try to take over my blog post."


Hint: Daddy is the main culprit. And I warned him that if he persisted he would be featured in my blog post. Alls fair in love and war and all of that.


Is he gone? Okay, now where were we?


What the...? In the name of rice cereal and all that is chewable, what is that man doing???


I see you back there, Daddy. Mommy may be amused, but I am not.

You are out of control, Daddy.


Where were we? Ah, yes, let me look at my notes...

A few things to share with you people this week...


Now, you all know that I have a Big Sister...

Yes, her.

Lately, she has become the queen of the one-liners. I thought, as a treat, you might all enjoy a Friday morning edition of "From the Mouth of Sister Stinky."

The other day we went to the bank, and Mommy got Big Sister a sucker. (Don't even get me started on the unfairness of my sucker-free existence. Just because I don't have teeth doesn't mean I can't lick!) Anyway, they had this conversation...
Mommy: Now, remember, sweetheart...don't just eat your sucker. I need you to finish your quesadilla, too, okay?
Big Sister:
Mommy: Okay, sweetheart? I want you to finish lunch. I don't want you to have a hungry tummy.
Big Sister: 
Mommy: Okay, sweetheart? Can you say, 'Okay, Mommy?'
Big Sister: Okay, Mommy. That's enough talking now.

Shortly thereafter, they somehow got into the topic of nuns. I think this was when we were on our way to see us some Carmelites.
Big Sister: And then, I don't wear a veil...and then you say, 'You not wear veil!' And then I wear one!
Mommy: Yeah, then you would look like a nun! It would be cool to be a nun, because then you would be married to Jesus.
Big Sister: That not my vocation. (pause) That [Sister Nugget's] vocation...


Okay, Mommy. Done with my blog post! Come get me out of my crib!

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  1. Oh man I LOVE that she's choosing a vocation for her sister :P Thanks for linking up :)

  2. I'm not sure which I love more, Sister Nugget or all those wonderful books in the background;)


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