7 Quick Takes - Sister Nugget's Weekly Wisdom vol. 3

Happy Saturday, party people! It is I, Sister Nugget. (Mommy wants you to know that she's linking up to Mrs. Fulweiler's quick takes.)


It has been a good week for me. The weather was a little bit warmer, and it reminded me of my summer baby roots. Mommy starts getting that glimmer in her eye, and a spring back in her step. Then I find her looking to blogs like this for inspiration for outdoor play. The nice thing about that blog is that the mommy has ideas for the big kids and the babies in the family! I think Mommy has big plans to do this to one of our old tables this spring.


That sneaky Mommy went out after I went to bed last night, to hang out with other mommies and eat yummy food. Before she left, she baked this yummy smelling bread, and she said it was a huge hit. 


Let's talk about something serious for a minute, people...

Christian unity. I does not understand why all the babies in the world cannot come to my church. And, lest there be any confusion, I mean "my church" as in the place where I go with Mommy and Daddy and Big Sister every Sunday. My church does not have nearly enough babies.

Oh, wait...Mommy says that's not what Christian unity means. Maybe I better watch that video of Papa Francis again. Mommy says he wasn't talking about all the babies coming to my church, but to the Church. I guess my Italian is rustier than I thought.


As you all know, I missed out on the Pope's election because Mommy and Daddy were busy taking pictures of me and finding out that I was a Sister Nugget, not a Brother Nugget. I have to admit, this pope seems like a very smart man. Don't believe me? Read this from Mama Haley (another smart person!). A pope who understands the plight of a hungry baby? Feed my sheep, indeed!


I'm looking at you.

Want to be a part of our domestic monastery? Mommy is now accepting sponsors! Click on the link or the tab at the top of the page. (I am especially happy that Mommy gave me a little shout-out.)


Mommy has been browsing the Pinterests again! She's getting ready for the start of our Montessori group, and she wanted me to share with you some of her inspiration for our catechesis works. Brush up on your Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, people...Mommy has been busy and we're going to be having some fun!!

Speaking of which, Big Sister keeps telling Mommy, "I want my catechesis, Mommy! Where is my catechesis?" Impressed? For some reason, though, she only asks for this when we're in the kitchen, eating lunch. Mommy usually responds, "Quesadilla, sweetheart. Catechesis is something different."

At least she's got her sights set in the right direction, Mommy. It gives a little person like me an example to look up to.


I know what you're all wondering. "Sister Nugget, who exactly is on your blogging support team again?"

This lady.

That's all for this week, people!


  1. I love so many things about this post -- especially your cutie pie! She is gorgeous!!

    Enjoyed her 7 quick takes!! :)


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