7 Quick Takes - Sister Nugget's Weekly Wisdom, vol. 2

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Hi, everyone out there in blogging land! I am so happy that Mommy is letting me put up another post.


I am touched by those of you who commented last week, and expressed your admiration of my writing abilities.

I'm sorry I didn't post again sooner. I was having some digestive issues. See take #6.


Yesterday was St. Valentine's Day. Apparently, this is the day when your daddy buys ice cream for everyone in the family except you. And then, when you ask your daddy about it, he dodges your question. But, he still proceeds to claim that you are "his valentine."

I like snuggles, but I'm not in to all that mushy valentine stuff. I appreciated Ms. Kelly's valentines. I printed up 100 or so of them and sent them to all of my friends. Frankly, I knew that they were going to be good when I saw the comic she introduced them with.

Doesn't that St. Valentine sound like he'd be fun to hang out with? I'd bet my lucky blue bouncy seat that he and I would be best friends, if we'd been babies at the same time.


Mommy was all excited about the video that Mrs. Patton made this week, about whether or not mommies work. Frankly, I didn't get it. All she did was show a bunch of pictures of the different things mommies do to play during the day (at least, the ways that my mommy plays every day). So, I don't know what was so funny. Was Mommy just excited that another mommy likes playing the same games that she does? Or was Mrs. Patton going all Montessori on us and referring to her play as "work"?

I just don't get it.


When I read Mama H's update on the Momlypics I got so excited...my Mommy has what it takes to be an Olympian! Instead, she wastes her time on useless hobbies, like smelling my freshly laundered hair.

Sometimes I really worry about her.

 Anyway, she has a strange obsession with nail clipping. It's actually rather upsetting, because she has a bad habit of clipping them just when they start getting good and sharp. Then, devoid of any nails to chew, I'm left to my own devices...

Why do the baby stores not sell tablecloths for us to chew on? It is a good thing that we babies are smart, and know how to make our own toys.


Let's talk about an ugly reality...constipation.

Actually, let's not. I don't want to talk about that. Suffice it to say, I'm going on a milk cleanse.

Yesterday, poor Daddy was so confused. He walked in and saw Big Sister playing with her chocolate play clay and commented, "I don't even want to know what that poop is."

But is wasn't poop. It wasn't. It was another one of those fun toys that "only big girls get to play with, not baby sisters." Thankfully, my sister ignores those instructions from time to time, or else I'd never have any fun.


Earlier this week, I overheard a terrifying conversation.

I love Big Sister, I really do. But sometimes I worry about her grasp on reality. She was talking to Mommy and Daddy at dinner and started claiming about me (and I quote), "She my baby! She just my baby!"

And then Mommy was all like, "She's your baby sister...."

But Big Sister insisted, "No, she just my baby!"

Then, Mommy asked her, "Did she grow in your tummy?"

Sorry, Big Sister. You lost that one. Just stay my big sister...you are good at that!

And Mommy...you stay my mommy. 

And now, Mommy...come home from the library. It's time to start my milk cleanse...


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