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First of all, what we wore (and yes, Sister Nugget did have tights on, but my goodness...couldn't you just eat up those chubby little thighs??).

Our little homeschool preschool time is continuing to be favorite time of day for Sister Stinky and me. What has really begun to amaze me, though, are the things we talk about that aren't in the lesson plan. Sofia Cavelletti was absolutely right to have picked 3 years old as the age to start catechesis with little ones. In the past week or so, Sister Stinky has asked questions that have led to conversations about evil, temptation, the Eucharist, martyrs (white and red), Mary, venial and mortal sins without using that terminology ("people who do bad things but want to be good and ask Jesus to help them be good vs. people who do bad things and don't want to be good"), heaven, and...I'm sure I'm forgetting some things. Point is...little ones are a lot more serious about their faith than people give them credit for!

My master's degree has an unofficial concentration in catechetical studies and my internship was primary focused on developed a multi-level faith formation curriculum for students with special needs. So, needless to say...I love teaching people about their faith! My passion is taking complex theological concepts (the kind of things you'd hash and re-hash in classes and papers over the course of studying theology for six years) and making it accessible - in all of its richness!- to someone without any background in theology. Of course, children are some of the most challenging people to do this with, so I especially enjoy teaching little ones about their faith. There is such a fine and delicate balance - you want to teach them about their faith, but you want to give them what they're ready for, and in words that they're ready to hear. I have often struggled with scrupulousity, and I can already tell that my eldest has a sensitive heart so I'm constantly trying to walk the line of answering her questions and yet pointing her back to the reality of God's love underlying it all. But seeing this lovely little girl really begin to come alive in her faith...it brings me such joy!

Kind of contemplating sharing some of these conversations with you all...any interest in that sort of thing?


  1. I would LOVE to hear anything and everything you do with catechesis with your girls!

  2. You are both adorable!! :)


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