{phfr} Simple Winter Days

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Although this is the premise for this entire blog and probably goes without saying, there is a definite quasi-monastic rhythm to the days of small children. I find that the longer I am a mother, the more I find a sort of comfort in that rhythm - the balance of naps and stories, meals and prayer, and play. The balance is especially pronounced in the winter, when we're trapped indoors and simply living our the daily routine.

There is such beauty in these simple winter days.


I love watching these two play together. Such beautiful little loves.


I love having a little "helper" by my side. :-)

I followed Auntie Leila's sage advice and soaked and partly cooked a batch of beans. So far I made veggie chili (which was supposed to have meat originally, but the meat slipped past its "best by" date without my noticing) and salsa bean burritos. We had enough chili left over for a whole other meal next week, and we still have two bags of beans in the freezer. It's nice to already have a step done for a future meal!


These two are just so funny! It's amazing what a baby girl will put up with from her big sister in exchange for the privilege of playing together. Toys shoved at her for her to chew on? Check. Baby dolls crammed in her arms for her "to hold?" Check. One baby thrilled by so much attention from her big sister? Double check.We joke that Sister Stinky is Sister Nugget's favorite person...but it's kind of true. 


I know everyone says this...but getting to cuddle up in bed while learning really is one of the benefits of homeschooling. What a lovely afternoon with my sweet Sister Stinky!

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