{phfr} On First Foods and Letting Go

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Pretty baby, looking at the camera.


Happy baby, loves attention from Mommy and Daddy.


Funny baby, wonders what is in her mouth.


Real baby, really hungry for rice cereal!

My babies starting "solids" always gives me such mixed feelings. On the one hand, I am happy that they have reached another milestone - happy that they are big enough and old enough to start eating table foods. On the other hand, there is a bittersweet feeling in realizing that they aren't just relying on my milk anymore. It's humbling. It reminds me that it isn't all about me, can't be all about me. It is one of the first steps in a long series of steps toward letting go, and remembering that my children aren't my own - but ultimately His. I am only here to nurture them through each step, give them what I can, and ultimately point them closer to God. But ultimately, my job as a mom is to help them grow up, help them to try new things without being afraid, and to help them to tackle each new stage as it comes. Oh, how I treasure these little ones of mine. They are such gifts, and I try to remember that (especially in the moments when I feel most frustrated!!).

It's so hard for a mother to let go, isn't it? I don't think it ever gets easier. I constantly think of Mary, and the mysteries of the rosary. As I've shared previously, I'm not really all that great at praying the rosary. BUT, that doesn't mean that I don't find myself thinking of the mysteries on occasion, and one thing keeps coming back to me, Mary had to let go. Often. Her life with Jesus was one big trail of letting go. In my difficult moments, I look to her, and her example. There is something truly comforting about knowing that even Mary struggled with letting go, had to "ponder things" in her heart to try and understand them. There's such consolation in knowing that the saints struggled with the same things we do, isn't there?


  1. I don't know if this will be helpful in terms of the rosary, but I find it is so useful to time all sorts of things with kids. It takes about 15/20 mins, which is exactly the length of time I used to have to hold my baby after she fell asleep nursing before putting her down (any earlier and she would wake up). (Not that you MUST pray the rosary; so many good and beautiful prayers are out there and in our hearts!) Or if she's fussy at night, I'll lie down with her, and then silently say one decade before sitting up, and another before getting off the bed, and another before creeping out of the room...you get the idea. Obviously, it's not the perfect way to pray it; but I find it helps me to pray more than I would otherwise. And it connects me with Mary at times at which I'm often frustrated.

  2. The only way I'm really able to pray the rosary is if I combine it with something else. Either praying with others, praying while nursing a baby to sleep (as Dixie said) or praying while walking.

    And, I totally hear you on the bittersweetness of starting solids. It is a mixed thing, isn't it.

  3. I am right there with you. They grow up too quickly and I'm feeling a bit blue about stating food as well. My little guy will be 6 months tomorrow and it has flown by. With my oldest being 9.5, I realize how quickly it all passes and want to savor every moment. I am thankful he is growing normally, but wish I could slow it way down. PS I'm really enjoying your blog.

  4. I feel the same way about starting solids. Especially since this is my first baby to successfully breast feed. I read in a couple of baby books that baby should still be getting the majority of nutrition from breast milk or formula until 12 months so that. So that was comforting :)

    I found a really cool book about praying the rosary with kids. So that's really the only time I pray it. My husband and I have started and stopped so often but my goal is to do at least one decade at night before putting the kids to bed.


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