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We had a day with a little more sun and a little more warmth than usual...and we took advantage of it!

(Not sure what look Sister Stinky is going for with the sunglasses. Whenever I see her, the first thing that comes to mind is "Elton John" or maybe "John Lennon" but I don't think her appreciation for classic rock is that developed yet.)


She loved the swings! It was her maiden voyage and it certainly won't be her last. I think she would have fallen asleep there, if I had let her.


The extremes we mothers will go to in order to get ourselves in a picture...yes, that is the window of our car. I may have been embarrassing myself a wee bit but I wasn't being a creeper. And by gum, I just had to snatch a picture of Sister Nugget in that get-up.

Speaking of funny...Sister Stinky is in the most excellent phase of her creativity yet. She finally has imaginary friends! And they aren't just any imaginary friends...they are the cast of Star Wars. (She's actually watching one of the movies for the millionth time with her dad as I type.) I may be biased, but it is the cutest thing ever. My days are filled with conversations like this:

On our way to Mass...
Sister Stinky: Mom, my friends come with us!
Me: Oh? You mean Princess Leia?
Sister Stinky: Uh-huh. And Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo and Chewbacca.
Me: Oh, that's nice, sweetheart.
Sister Stinky: They come in to Mass with us.
Me: Oh! That's good.
Sister Stinky: But not Chewbacca. He too big. He stay outside.

Other days, she's running between the rooms of our house, trying to round up her friends.
Me: Where are you going, sweetheart?
Sister Stinky: I have to wake up Hans Solo. (runs into living room) Come on, guys! Wake up! (runs back into my room) They waking up! Hans Solo and Luke Skywalker waking up. (runs over to the closet in our room and opens the door) Wake up, Chewbacca! He waking up, Mom! (runs into her room) Princess Leia! Princess Leia, wake up! (runs back into my room) She waking up, Mom! Come here, Princess Leia. She sleep on the top bunk.
Me: Oh. That's nice.

She's also just developing a more nuanced grasp of the English language, and has really started copying mannerisms and scenarios she observes. The Abbot relayed this story to me:

The Abbot is sitting in his office working. Suddenly, Sister Stinky comes in, sits down and clasps her hands.
Sister Stinky: Sooooo...I just come in, see how things going for you.
The Abbot: They're...going...good...

Love that girl.



First order from the shop shipped out earlier this week...such a fun little St. Blaise doll!!


  1. Thank you for St Blaise, can't wait to see him in person.

  2. I LOVE Sister Nugget's coat!:) And she's big enough for the green stroller? Wow! Can you please tell her to stop growing so fast?:)<3 If I ever make it down to see you, I'll take all the pictures you want and then some;)


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