{phfr} First Week of Preschool!

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Last Monday, all the schools around us were closed for a snow day. We, on the other hand, were having our first day of homeschool preschool. :-)


Sister Stinky loves her new and improved preschool space. She absolutely loves it and spends so much time there! Because the curriculum we're using is literature based, most of our preschool time happens in the reading corner (which you can see a little bit of on the left hand side of the picture). Look for an upcoming post with many, many more details on our preschool work!


I found this little Madeline doll for $1 several months back and squirreled it away for Christmas. Then, I ended up giving her some handmade nativity dolls instead, so I decided to save Madeline for a first day of preschool gift. Sister Stinky was so happy! She and Madeline became fast friends.


How do you get a three year old to hold still?


 So far we've been a good team, she and I. We've been genuinely enjoying our time learning together. :-)


  1. Haha, the second funny picture is my favorite. Too cute. And you find such great toys and things for such good bargains--I'm impressed! She has grown so much since Tot School, and now for a new learning adventure! Good luck:)

  2. I feel like we have given eachother a few gifts back and forth in that bag, lol :)

  3. That sounds like an amazing preschool curriculum. I am currently using Flowering Baby curriculum which I enjoy but I like the literature based themes as well. And we have most of those books.


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