BFIAR week 2 - The Little Rabbit

Before we get started, a couple of prayer intentions! Please go to Bonnie's blog and pray for a miracle for Samantha! (And can I say that it made my morning to see that Grace Patton swept the Sheenazing Awards! She is an awesome mom and one of my favorite bloggers in the whole world and her wins were well, well deserved!!!) Also, please keep the Abbot in your prayers this morning. He's defending the prospectus (i.e. the proposal) for his dissertation. After that step, he'll officially be a doctoral candidate!! So, prayers, please.

Welcome to another installment in our Before Five in a Row series! This week, we'll be looking at the lovely little book The Little Rabbit.

To review, Before Five in a Row is a literature based curriculum, taking a week at a time (5 days in a row) to read a book over and over again. In the course of that week, the child begins to learn how to read and process the book more closely. Through suggested discussions and activities, BFIAR teaches your little one how to read critically and carefully. 

The Little Rabbit is the story of a little girl who receives a bunny rabbit for Easter. It chronicles the adventures of the bunny and the girl, including the process of watching first the bunny and then her babies grow up. 

One of the suggestions in the book was to do some color matching. Sister Stinky learned her colors awhile ago, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't benefit from reviewing them! To match colors in the book, we used our Montessori Color Box 3 (that link isn't the one we have, but ours is similar). The wonderful thing about the color box is that it lets the child explore different shades of each color. It is a good introduction to exploring darker vs. lighter colors. Sister Stinky loved this activity!

We also started working on some pre-writing activities and worksheets this week. Now, these are Sister Stinky's very first worksheets so they are far from perfect, but they give us a good baseline to work from! She did wonderfully with her counting worksheet, and she was very focused in her pre-writing worksheet (trying to follow the up and down motion of the lines). Obviously, she still has work to do, but I'm excited to see where her diligent practice takes her in the months ahead!

I never made these figures into actual felt board figures, but we still arranged them on the felt board to act out the story as we read it. It was very helpful when it came to Sister Stinky remembering the plotline.

Most of the activities that you see this week are from Homeschool Creations. That website is an excellent resource, and I can't recommend it highly enough!! The activity you see pictured above is a simple sorting one that we did together.

One of the ways that little ones learn best (especially my Sister Stinky) is through play. Another blog I was reading suggested making a play rabbit hutch out of cardboard. Sister Stinky enjoyed using the laminated pictures from our story time (as well as some stuffed animals and finger puppets) for some imaginative play in this hutch.

Along that vein, I also pulled out the finger puppet stage for her to play around with. (This puppet stage will be featured prominently in our week 3 stay tuned!!)

One of my favorite suggestions from BFIAR that week was to try and let the child interact with a real rabbit. One of the nature centers near where we live has rabbits so we ventured out one (cold!) day to see them. It was so cold when we got there that we were the only ones visiting and got some special attention. One of the employees picked up the rabbit and held him for Sister Stinky, so she could pet him a bit. We were surprised by how incredibly soft his little fur was!!

For math this week, we did the same thing as the previous week. 

Recently, I've seen Sister Stinky actually start using some of her Montessori materials on her own, and as they are intended to be used. I was excited to see the little tower she built on her own, using her yellow knobless cylinders (part of the Montessori sensory materials).

Thanks for joining us for another week of rowing! Have any of you read The Little Rabbit with your little ones?


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