Another Year of Grace (2013 in Review)

Joining Dwija for the party!!

So much happened in 2013! We had our share of ups and downs here at our domestic monastery, but I'm happy to say that the joy of the high points made it all worth it. We have a new member of our family, after all!!!


The year kicked off, after a long hiatus, with news of our newest little one. Sister Stinky was so thrilled to finally be a big sister, and the Abbot and I were thrilled that we were adding a new little one to the clan. In lesser news, Sister Stinky moved out of her crib and you all got an update on what her two year old room was looking like.


In February, you got your first glimpse at the proof that I was, indeed, growing a baby and our little family was busy enjoying lots of snow!



The highlight of April, by far, was celebrating  the biggest and best feast of the whole liturgical year!!


In May, my final trimester had me still plugging away with my hyperemesis gravidarum (which is latin for "disgusting nausea"...not really, but that would be funny if it was, wouldn't it?). But the real highlight was when, in the midst of our time out of town, Sister Stinky got her very first haircut.


In June we reaffirmed that TV can be a good thing. We had to say good-bye to our beloved Monsignor and we also spent a ton of time outside! Most exciting...the new book came out, which was featured in this post.



And then she joined the family of the Church! Her birth story was finally told, and we talked a little bit about raising daughters.


So many fun posts in September...


Also, some more gems from that month...


A continued foray with kidney stones resulted in a quiet but beautiful Thanksgiving at home.


The kidney stone drama finally ended (we hope!) and we were thrilled to rejoice in the joy of Christmas!

Happy New Year!!! May God bless you and yours today and always.


  1. That picture for September.... Ahhh LOVE it. Happy New Year!

    ~ Country Girl's Daybook

  2. Goodness I can't believe how fast time has flown - is Nugget really almost 6 months old??? I think time moves faster in blogs than in real life!

  3. Sister Stinky is looking super presh in October!

  4. omg....i love your latin! lol :)


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