7 Quick Takes - Sheenazing, Hair Cuts, and Star Wars

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You guys! Whoever nominated me for a Bonnie's Sheenazing Awards...thank you! You have pretty much made my year! (As in the past twelve months, although this will probably be one of the highlights of 2014, too. Correction...this is the runner-up for having made the past twelve months...Sister Nugget's arrival trumped those charts!)

I'm glad to have wowed you with my eloquence. What I mean to say is...I'm so honored!!! 

I was so excited when I saw what I was nominated for, because it was waaaay more than I could ever possible ask for. Best looking Blog? Most Inspirational? Most Underappreciated? You guys are the best readers ever! Now, go and vote, please!


Today was just one of those days when I realized I have a 3 year old. She did so many classic 3 year old things. It seems like every time I left the room, I came back to find out that she had done a 3 year old thing.


Whenever Sister Stinky does a classic kid thing I'm half frustrated and half excited to have been initiated into another level of momhood. Case in point:

I was out of the room for a few minutes in order to put new sheets on the bed. Thankfully, I thought to bring Sister Nugget in the other room with me. I decided to check on Sister Stinky, and found her sitting in her preschool space with a pair of her kiddy scissors in her hand.
Me: What are you doing, sweetheart?
Sister Stinky: I cutting my hair!
Me: What??
Sister Stinky: I cutting my hair!
Me: You're cutting your hair? But you know that you're only supposed to cut paper, right? (walk over to the preschool space, thinking she was just pretending to cut her hair) Don't cut your hair, okay?

I look down and see a chunk of hair on her blocks.
Me: Oh. You really did cut your hair.

Thankfully, it was only a tiny amount, so it was more funny than anything. Recently, I cut her hair for her, and, earlier today, I trimmed a piece that I had missed - so I'm thinking that imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?


All kidding aside...where did my overly cautious eldest child go???


The cast of Star Wars continue to fill up my home. 

yoda star wars - You must  complete the Preschool training

How many parents of three year olds do you think have to threaten, "No Star Wars!" in the face of misbehavior? The few and the proud.

The other day I Sister Stinky was finishing up in the bathroom and she informed me:
Sister Stinky: Storm Troopers and Luke Skywalker waiting outside. It almost their turn to come in here.

(Because yes, we had to have the gender separation talk. Boys have to wait their turn when girls are in the bathroom.)


In the vein of funny things coming out of Sister Stinky's mouth...

As I mentioned the other day, I've been having some interesting theological discussions with Sister Stinky. Recently, we talked about the difference between unrepentant and repentant sinners (although not using those words). We were reading one of her fairy tales, and their was an evil queen. While learning to pray the Our Father, she had heard the word "evil" and asked what it meant, but she asked again while reading:

Sister Stinky: Evil? What that mean?
Me: Remember...it means bad things, like when we do bad things. This queen does bad things.
Sister Stinky: Oh. She ask Jesus to help her be good. He help her.
Me: Well, I don't think she wants Jesus to help her be good.
Sister Stinky: Huh?
Me: Well, everyone does bad things (except for Mary and Jesus). But most of us - like you, Mommy, and Daddy, do bad things but want to do good things. And so we ask Jesus to help us be good. But some people don't want to be good. So, we pray for them, that they might want to do good things.
Sister Stinky: Dear Jesus, please help them do good things! 

Later on...
Sister Stinky (flopping down on the bed next to the Abbot and speaking in a cheerful voice): Daddy! You do  bad things every day!!!
The Abbot: What???


One more meme, as a tribute to the imagination of my sweet little buddy:

Princess Leia Hologram - Help me Sister STinky I'm the best imaginary friend ever.

Done! Have a good Friday. :-)


  1. Most hilarious Star Wars quick takes ever!

  2. I cannot convince my 3 yr old to get her hair cut!!! Hopefully when she does come around she will not take the scissors into her own hands : )


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