7 Quick Takes - No Snow edition

Linking up with the lovely Jen this morning! Did you know that she and her link-up are Sheenazing??? Congrats, Jen!


So, the best laid plans and all of that...I picked our Before Five in a Row book this week with the hopes that it would snow at some point. According to the forecast, there was a chance of snow today, but nary a flake is in sight. So, The Snowy Day will have to remain a reality in book form only.


On the upside, I was anticipating nasty weather this morning, so I already did the grocery shopping last night...which means no having to venture out with a child in tow. Hooray!


I know that this is only my fourth week of teaching homeschool preschool, but I definitely feel like I hit a slump this week. I attribute it to switching up our math routine and trying for something that Sister Stinky just doesn't have the attention span for yet. Poor first child. I read other blogs and I think I'm not the only mother who suffers from being a tad overeager when it comes to trying new things with a first child. 


But seriously, I know so many little ones who are Sister Stinky's age and are starting normal preschool, and I just start feeling so insecure about homeschooling! I told a (fellow homeschooling) mom friend the other day, "It's like, I enjoy actually homeschooling and have fun with it, but I don't like the idea of homeschooling." I think I still have it in my head that homeschooling is a weird thing, even though it's gaining in popularity and I can see that it seems like a good fit for our family right now. 


But that being said...I am not one of those homeschooling moms who thinks that homeschooling is the way that everyone should go. Honestly, there are days that I'm not sure it's the way that I should go. I grew up attending a Catholic elementary school and loved it. I don't rule out Catholic school for any of ours in the future. But right now, we're learning at home. 


To be honest...I think I'm suffering from one of those weeks where it just feels like nothing you're doing as a mom is quite good enough. The weather is gray, the baby is fussy, and you are just so ready for a change in routine. Thankfully, tomorrow is Saturday, and in addition to a Saturday morning Mass date with Sister Stinky, I'm looking forward to getting out by myself for a few hours. My Saturday morning alone times are key to my survival, I've discovered. Silence is lovely, sometimes. ;-)


Thanks for your prayers the other day! The Abbot passed his prospectus defense (which means he can officially start writing his dissertation and is essentially a semester ahead of schedule). He is now officially a doctoral candidate and is classified as "abd" (all but dissertation). There was much rejoicing! Sister Stinky was thrilled when celebrated with dinner at the blue restaurant.

Have a wonderful weekend! Stay warm!


  1. ABD!!!! YAY!!! I too officially have an ABD husband (as of December about). Its a good feeling isn't it? Congrats to the Mr! And Happy Catholic Schools week to you. ;) I think you and your daughter should celebrate today!

  2. yay for your DH! Oh we are all feeling this way this week. Cabin fever central here. Seems like your 3 yo loves working with you at home. We have stayed home this year (E is 3) and I haven't regretted it at all. All other 3 year olds we know are in school this year, but she has loved being home and is learning a lot even though I'm not that organized.

  3. CONGRATS to the Abbot (and you too for your role in encouraging, supporting and praying for him)!! I can't wait til we're there. J is prepping to take his comps in March (the week before our little one's due). We need prayers for sure.

  4. Oh my goodness, my husband and I had this conversation about homeschooling last night! I am always comparing my almost four year old to his peers and I'm always concerned with what he should be learning versus what he is ready to learn. So we have scaled back and I am just doing the basics. Numbers and letters with the occasional art project thrown in. I think my anxiety is also the retired preschool teacher in me :)

    Saturdays are essential for my survival too! I wake up in the mornings and get to go for a run with just my thoughts and I feel so good. I so love your honesty.

  5. #6 = oh, I'm right there with you!

    While I think homeschooling can be great, I absolutely never thought I would (and still don't know if we'll do it past the preschool stage), simply because I lived in a diocese where Catholic schools were free for active parishioners. Oh, how I miss that!

  6. What you are going through is completely normal for any homeschooling mom, and as the homeschooling saying goes, "never make any decisions in February!" These are the doldrums of winter and the hardest time to be home all day schooling. we have been homeschooling for 4.5 years and I still have anxiety about not doing enough. But, I am starting to learn that giving my kids what they each individually need when they are ready to get it, is actually giving them more in the long run. Hang in there!


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