WIWS - Update and More Prayers!

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Can you believe that it was warm enough yesterday that we were all in short sleeves??!

Thanks for all prayers you all gave, in light of the kidney stone saga. I figured I owe you an update!

First of all, I have to tell you that your prayers definitely helped. I felt such peace about everything that transpired (as you'll see in a moment), and I'm confident your prayers contributed to that immense peace.

So, the first blessing was that I got to actually see my CT scans and x-rays. Seeing them helped me to see the extent of the situation that we're dealing with, and that definitely made me feel more at peace with everything. The good news is that they found the source of all the discomfort, occasional pain, and other symptoms I've been facing. The bad news is that I will need surgery. The kidney stone that was lodged in there back in September is still in the exact same spot, causing my ureter to be obstructed and extremely swollen. So, surgery it is! Thankfully, the surgery is fairly straightforward and is outpatient, and we've also been blessed with numerous friends who've offered to help (especially with the girls). The other major blessing is that, ever since receiving a dose of IV contrasting for my CT scan and I've been feeling some of my kidney stone symptoms again (although in mild form) and that has made me eager to have the surgery!

So, if you could all offer some prayers for me, that this all goes smoothly and uncomplicated and that the girls can take it all in stride. (Also that the Abbot is given the grace to be good support for me in all of this.)

Finally, I am very much hoping to solicit you all for your advice. Advice for breastfeeding and surgery? From what I've heard, it's okay to nurse once waking up from general anesthesia, but did any of you have surgery and bring the baby to the hospital? Or did you leave him or her with someone and pump milk? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Right now, Sister Stinky is going to play at a friend's house, and we have offers both from friends willing to take Maria while I'm in surgery and from another friend willing to come to the hospital and watch her so the Abbot can focus his attention on me (but so that she can still be close by to nurse and be near her mama, since she's still so little). So, if you've been there...what did you do?

Thanks, friends. I appreciate all the prayers and kind words. They mean so much. :-)

Oh, and I almost forgot...my dad is having surgery on Wednesday (my surgery is Friday), so if you can keep both of us in your prayers it would be much appreciated!


  1. I had two surgeries following the birth of my second. The first was outpatient but with full general anesthetic. The second was inpatient with a two night stay. Both were within six weeks of my little one's birth. Both times I opted to leave her with family and pumped milk. It made things incredibly less stressful for me (and for her to, I'm sure). When I was inpatient for two days, we did a combination of having her with me during the day and my Mom kept her at night (only for about 8 hours away from me). Hope that helps! You will likely want to bring your pump if you have someone watch her. I did not for my outpatient surgery and it ended up being a lot longer than expected. I was hurting by the time I got home!! Good luck and prayers!

  2. Oh I have no advice for you but I wish I could somehow pump and send you some milk to make it easier on you! I would think having the baby with you until the last moments and then again as soon as the general wears off, you could potentially have need for only small amounts of pumped milk! It sounds a little idealistic, but I do think its possible. I'll be praying for you!

  3. I'll definitely be praying for you, Michelle. When is the surgery? I hope it's son so you can start feeling so much better. I have no advice on the breastfeeding topic but I have a Liebster Award Nomination for you over here http://sayiniloveu.blogspot.com/2013/11/liebster-means-dearest.html#comment-form I know you have a lot on your hands right now, especially with the surgery coming up so if you have time, come check it out :D

  4. Prayers for your surgery. As far as breastfeeding goes, I would have your husband stay with the baby in the hospital waiting room and then breastfeed right before surgery and as soon as you are able to afterwards. Not sure how long the surgery will be, but if it's not too long, you may be able to get by without any pumped milk at all, but I would have some just in case. Probably 4 oz. should be sufficient. Try pumping or hand expressing in the morning for the next few days. Prayers.


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