{phfr}- Prayers, please! (And From the Mouth of Sister Stinky)

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I love her.

So, we'll get the prayer request out of the way first. I'd like to ask you for prayers, friends, in the continuing saga of the kidney stones. (For the record, I finally found out what the official number was as of my last CT scan in September. Eight. Eight kidney stones. Fun, no? At least they're mainly small ones.) Anyway, I finally went to see a urologist and have a CT scan scheduled for next week to determine the progress of the passing of said stones and to make sure that the original large stone ended up passing. (I think it did, but since I'm still having ongoing very mild symptoms my doctor isn't so sure.) Anyway, if that stone hasn't passed all the way, I'll have to have surgery. Add into this mix the fact that I'm a nursing mom and so I've had to negotiate breastfeeding safety (with the help of our wonderful pediatrician's office) with the various tests/possible surgery/medication...I've been feeling overwhelmed, to say the least. Thank goodness one of Mary's titles is "Our Lady of La Leche!" Thanks to her prayers, I finally got some straightforward, reasonable answer to all of that, but I'm still nervous about the prospect of another CT scan and the possibility of surgery. Scratch that...I'm scared. So please, please say some prayers that the test shows a passed stone and that I WON'T have to have surgery. On top of the stress that I shared with you earlier this week, I've really been in over my head. 

I'm still wondering if these kidney stones were yet another result of the HG, but time (and a number of different test results I'm waiting on) should shed some light on that. In the meantime, I still keep looking at that little baby face and thinking, So worth every minute of it!


Sister Stinky: Daddy, I take a picture of your cute face for Mommy?


Me: Sweetheart, what's wrong?
Sister Stinky: I little bit upset.

The other day, Sister Stinky was driving to Walgreens with the Abbot. On the way he noticed her holding a piece of paper, folded in half like a mouth, and pretending to make it talk. When I heard this story, I knew that I had taught her well.
Sister Stinky: Look, Daddy! This Daddy Duggar. And this Mommy Duggar, and baby Duggar, and little boy Duggar...(paper drops to the floor of the car) Oh, no! Duggar fall down!

We were in a public restroom when this incident happened. She had just gone potty and been praised accordingly, and then I took my turn.
Sister Stinky: Good job, Mommy! You go pee-pee!

Sister Stinky (about her sister): Mommy, I want to hold her!
Me: Okay. Make sure you hold her head.
Sister Stinky: Oh! She so cute!
Me: Here, Mommy better take her back. She's looking like she thinks you have milk.
Sister Stinky: I don't have milk, Ria! [her name for her sister] I not all growed up!


When we went tricycle riding at the park, she almost fell off at one point, so I "rode" her trike to show her it wasn't scary. Then, I tried to convince her that I was scared of riding it anymore and I needed her get back on her trike to show me that there was nothing to be afraid of. She wasn't buying it. Instead, she went over and picked a dandelion fluff and brought it back to me.
Sister Stinky: Here, Mommy. You blow on this. It make you brave.

Last Saturday, Sister Stinky and I were out on our weekly Mass date together, and I brought her in to the confessional with me after Mass. She was perfectly quiet, until I bowed my head to pray the Act of Contrition. After I finished, she reached up, stroked my face, gave me a kiss and said:
Sister Stinky: You did a good job, Mommy.

If that isn't an encounter of Christ's loving mercy in the Confessional, I don't know what is. :-)


  1. Praying for you that you will avoid surgery. You have a lot on your plate and I can see why it would be quite intrusive at this time with nursing and having young ones. If it makes you feel any better my DH's friend had to have surgery for kidney stones a few weeks ago. He was marching in our town's Halloween parade last week. He bounced back pretty quick but we'll just keep praying that you won't have to worry about it at all.

  2. oh man....that last one in the confessional got me!!

  3. So sweet. Prayers for no surgery. And hooray for Our Lady of La Leche intercession; She's helped me out a number of times with nursing issues.
    Big Family Small Farm

  4. How scary, I will say a prayer that things will work out for the better :)

  5. Sorry to hear about your kidney stone ordeal! Many years ago, I had surgery for this very thing. Wishing you good health and much peace.


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