7 Quick Takes : Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones

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The Blessed Virgin Mary came to Mass with us today, along with her bouncing baby boy.


This follows on the heels of her recent obsession with Mary. In addition to telling Mary that, "I want to be in heaven with you, Mary!" she also says classic prayers like the following (heard after Mass today):

"Help me not be bad, Mary. Help me not be bad."

Amen. Music to a mother's ears!


All kidding aside...she's a little sweetheart, and I think that Mary is probably pretty pleased to be able to count her as one of her adoptive "daughters." 

I don't know if I've shared this before, but although I love Mary, she's someone I've struggled to develop a close relationship with. Motherhood has changed that for me a bit, and Sister Stinky's absolute love for her "Mommy in heaven" has been making me see Mary in a whole new light. 


Outtakes: apparently, baby Jesus likes having the blood rush to his head. Must be one of those weird newborn idiosyncrasies that only a mother knows...

My favorite part of this picture is her expression. It's what I got when I told her, "Look like you're happy!"


My favorite part of today was actually only a moment's worth. 

We were driving home from our errands, with Sister Nugget tuning up in the backseat, and Mass from the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception blaring on the radio. One line that the rector said while giving a few opening remarks before Mass stuck out for me. He commented that this was "our day," the day when we celebrate "ordinary people" who "chose to take their Baptism seriously."


That's kind of a call to action, isn't it? Sainthood isn't some exclusive thing...it's something we are all called to. That played through my head the rest of the day, as I dealt with two small children refusing to nap...do I "take my Baptism seriously?" Even on the hard days?


It is for that very reason that I love the Communion of Saints. They are my dearest, dearest friends. I consider myself their baby sister - an analogy which makes even more sense to me now that I spend my days with a big sister and a baby sister. I'm just like Sister Nugget, watching my sister fly in a million different directions, say a million different things...and all I can do is drool, smile adoringly, and desperately try to hold my head up straight. Despite that, the saints adore me...and you! We, the church here on earth, truly are their baby brothers and sisters in the faith, and they want so much to shower us with their slobbery kisses and overeager hugs and undivided attention and many, many prayers. They love us with the kind of love that only a big brother or sister can give, and they want so much to help us get to heaven!


Dear readers...turn to these precious friends. They will never let you down!!!

Sometimes, I think about meeting these dear friends in heaven one day (God willing)...and I feel like my heart is going to burst with excitement! (Catholic nerdiness at its best.) It's going to be a glorious day, friends!!!

Happy All Saints Day!!!!!!

Our Lady of Mount Carmel...pray for us.
St. Michael...pray for us.
St. Therese...pray for us.
St. Joseph...pray for us.
St. Francis of Assisi...pray for us.
St. Clare...pray for us.
Blessed Zelie...pray for us.
St. Anne...pray for us.
St. Anthony...pray for us.
St. Teresa of Avila...pray for us.
Blessed John Paul II...pray for us.
St. Faustina...pray for us.
St. Helena...pray for us.
St. Peter...pray for us.
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton...pray for us.
St. John of the Cross...pray for us.
St. Elizabeth...pray for us.
St. Andre Bessette...pray for us.
Blessed Basil Moreau...pray for us.
St. John Vianney...pray for us.
St. Catherine of Siena...pray for us.
St. Thomas Aquinas...pray for us.
St. Gerard...pray for us.
St. Gianna...pray for us.
St. Dymphna...pray for us.
St. Augustine...pray for us.
St. Monica...pray for us.

All you holy men and women, pray for us!


  1. Adorable Mary...so cute!

    I love the Litany of Saints as well..it's one of my favorite prayers and I especially love hearing it chanted.


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