7 Quick Takes: From the Mouth of Sister Stinky

Up late since I'm not feeling so great, and am definitely feeling the effects of surgery...

I was so incredibly nervous before surgery, but what kept me happy and calm was talking with the Abbot about the girls. Oh, funny little girls.

(By the way, I ended up deciding to leave Sister Nugget with our friends with a massive supply of pumped milk. Poor girl just has such bad reflux and screaming fits that we figured that'd be best, and our decision was confirmed when the Abbot went to pick the girls up and Sister Stinky's 3 year old friend told him, "The baby cried alot." Amen. And God bless my dear friend for taking on our poor refluxy baby for an afternoon! On the upside, little Sister Nugget looked exhausted when she got home and dozed off quickly in my arms. It was bliss! She's the world's best heating pad, that one!)

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Earlier this week, wandering in the Abbot's office:
Sister Stinky: Daddy, where is my husband?
The Abbot: I don't know. Who is your husband?
Sister Stinky: Ephraim! (One of the little boys she's friends with...she's convinced marrying him is her "...vocation...I think...") He going to be a daddy.
The Abbot: Oh.
The Abbot (gchatting me): I'm not ready for this conversation yet.


While playing "teacher" in her preschool space while I nursed Sister Nugget on the couch:
Sister Stinky: Okay, Mommy. Now I read you a story about baby Jesus. (Picks up her folding icon that has an image of baby Jesus on one side.) Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Jesus. His step-father...
Me: ...foster father.
Sister Stinky:...foster father say, "Let's go to park!" Then, Mary his mommy say, "No go to park. It raining." Then they cried. The end.
Me: Yeah. Mommies do say stuff like that, don't they?


A few moments later:
Sister Stinky (miraculously holding up a letter "j" since I don't think that she actually knows that letter yet): This the number that is Jesus' name. You say "Jesus," Mommy.
Me: Jesus.
Sister Stinky: Okay, Mommy. Your name "Ma-sell." Say "Ma-sell."
Me: Michele.
Sister Stinky: Very good, Mommy. Okay, now we sing song. (Picks up her mini harp - or "tar" as she calls it - and starts strumming and singing.) Mary and Jesus are crying. It is dark. It is raining. They are sad. But then...Jesus rose again...third day!!! Now you sing song, Mommy.
Me: Okay, I'll sing the song you just sang. (I do.)
Sister Stinky (sounding amazed): Mommy, you just sang song about Jesus died!
Me: Um...I just sang the song you just sang.
Sister Stinky: (looks confused)


After an incident of me needing to reprimand her from another room since I was holding her sleeping sister, she was "kinda little bit upset" and I overheard her saying this prayer:
Sister Stinky: GG died! GG, pray for me, I kinda little bit upset. Mommy yelled at me. I having a hard day.


Since All Souls Day, she has been talking alot about her great-grandma, who died this past May. Sometimes her reflections are serious and deep...sometimes she makes some inaccurate connections. This conversation happened after she watched the final episode of Star Wars, where her beloved Yoda dies, and apparently evaporates into thin air, leaving his clothes behind.
The Abbot (tucking her in for the night): Good night, sweetheart.
Sister Stinky: Daddy...GG died.
The Abbot: Yeah, sweetheart.
Sister Stinky: She died. Her body gone. She not wearing any clothes!
The Abbot:
The Abbot: Ohhh...are you thinking of Yoda, sweetheart?
Sister Stinky: Uh-huh.
The Abbot: Yeah...it works a little different with Yoda.

File:Yoda Empire Strikes Back.png


Speaking of Star Wars, Sister Stinky is pretty obsessed with the fact that Princess Leia "got captured" in Episode IV, and is forever trying to work through that emotionally. It's actually kind of interesting - she role plays the scary part of it, and then comes up with a resolution.  While she was playing with her cloth church, pictured here, I gchatted Andrew her dialogue:
"These people gonna die." (shakes her little cloth church) "I captured them. This bell means I captured them. I like them captured. They want to get out here. I captured them!"
The Abbot
oh dear
it's okay, it turned out they were all princess leia's and she's in the process of rescuing them right now
[Sister Stinky sings to self] "her underwear. do-do. her underwear. that is so funny. her underwear. do-do-do."
this is why i leave the tv off
The Abbot
"haha. i take their church. i go to mass at their church. it my church. haha. they never get married ever again! i get married now. this my church now. [pretending to be the people] Ahh! giant monster! we have to go on top. we gonna get captured!"


And my favorite for last. The Abbot has a Divine Mercy image hanging at Sister Stinky's eye level in his office. She walked in and looked at it.
Sister Stinky: Daddy! That Jesus!
The Abbot: That's right, sweetheart.
Sister Stinky: Jesus is watching you, Daddy.
The Abbot:

Sooooo, on that note, friends...you better watch out! You better think twice! He already knows who's naughty or nice. Jesus Christ is coming to town!!

May your night be blissfully free of kidney stones or other kidney ailments. To quote scripture:
I will bless the LORD who gives me counsel; even in the night he admonishes my kidneys. (Psalm 16:7)
(Don't believe me? Hear the quote explained in this great article!)

Ohhh...and happy 50th anniversary to Dr. Who! Google has dalek icons next to their search box. Thanks for cheering me up, Google.


  1. Hahahaha. The wise words of a 3-year old. She knows her Star Wars well. My kind of girl! Are you going to teach her all about the "Star trek" movies too? Oh, or maybe Lord of the Rings?!:)

  2. She's hilarious! She and Cecilia would be such friends - I think they have a pretty similar understanding of theology :P

  3. I love it!

    I'm glad you are feeling better.

    May your full recovery be swift! God bless your efforts of writing, as well.

  4. Hope you're feeling better Michelle. Sister Stinky seems very wise with that last one :)

  5. These are absolutely wonderful! Thanks for sharing, Michele!


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