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Linking up with the lovely ladies over at Like Mother, Like Daughter.

Some posts are full of wisdom, but some...oh, some posts are just an overflow of the gratitude in my heart.

This is one of those posts.


So gorgeous! And so tall...80th percentile for height! I look back over my hyperemesis pregnancy and the challenge of having faced months of such awful nausea and then I look at this face, and all I can think is...totally worth every minute of it! God knew that Sister Nugget was the exact baby I needed.


My three favorite people in the whole wide world. :-)


I see some mimicking going on here...


Sister Stinky has the biggest kisses for her sister! They love each other so much. I spend most of my days making sure that the big one doesn't love the little one too much..but I always have to make a point of stepping back and just letting them be sisters. Does it mean that sometimes the smothering love of one makes the other one squeal a bit? Maybe. But those uncomfortable moments are quickly forgotten and the memories of having a sister to love last forever!


  1. Just found your blog via Like Mother, Like Daughter {phfr} - Great blog! Love your Catholic resources - will be hanging out here a while taking in your wonderful info! I just starting blogging about life with my two little girls @ http://theadamsfamilylive.blogspot.com/ - Girls are so fun!

  2. Very sweet. And I was going to comment on how she looked tall and then read your caption. She looks so long!

  3. I love that last one - Nugget's all, "WHY are you taking another picture?" So cute!


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