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Linking up with the lovely Auntie Leila for some Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real.

Ana wrote a beautiful post earlier this week. And what she said was so true - it's easy to get lost in the complaints and forget just how precious the little people entrusted to us truly are.

So, here's to those little people and their little moments! I give you a blend of current day pictures and some flashbacks....


The little one's favorite place to be. My favorite place to have her.


How on earth did this little person...

Turn into this little person?

So happy to see how she's grown in just under three years time!


Sister Nugget has her father's eyes, don't you think?


People often ask me if Sister Stinky had dark hair like her sister. Nope. She certainly did not!

It's hard to believe that this picture was taken only two short years ago. She used to be the buddy in my ring sling. And now...

...so independent! So full of life! She's a girl any mama would be proud of. :-)

 My heart...oh, how I've been remembering where I was three years ago this month. I've been playing through the thoughts and feelings I had when I was waiting for my first baby to be born. And now, three years later, I wonder...how did I ever live without her?


  1. Lovely posy with beautiful pictures. My first baby is now 15 and my baby is 19 months! I love, LOVE, watching them grow.
    Big Family Small Farm


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