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This week has been a week of...just...getting by. Well, at least the second half of the week. We had to take another trip to the ER for what I'm pretty sure actually was actually another kidney stone passing. (I seemed to have accumulated quite a few from my pregnancy with Sister Nugget!) Anyway, the doctor didn't think that was the case, but I lately was able to confirm it on my own. Go figure! I'm always a little bit grateful for these sorts of incidents because they keep me soooo humble. There is only so much you can do when you're in that kind of pain, so I have to scale my parenting standards waaaay back, and rely heavily on the grace of God.

See, the reality of it is that we are always fully reliant on God, my friends. BUT it is so, so easy to forget that. It is so easy to forge ahead, thinking that we are doing all that we are doing so well. It is easy to breeze through day after day without giving God much thought.

But sometimes, God gifts us with little sufferings. A kidney stone is nothing major, medical-wise. Unpleasant? Yep. But a small one is not any real danger to your health. Regardless, it makes you slow down and realize that you can't do all you have to do. You realize that you need God's grace to persevere.

When I was in college, I would always start off the fall semester at full steam, feeling so proud of myself and all I was doing. But then, almost without fail, I would get a really bad cold or a sinus infection halfway through the semester. And it would cause me to halt everything and realize how weak I actually was.

Because the truth of the matter is simple - even when it doesn't feel that way, even when it feels as if we've got it all together, we don't! We are always in need of God's grace to sustain us.

Colds and kidney stones and fussing babies and toddlers...these little sufferings are ultimately a gift because they remind us of that reality. So, in a weird way, thank God for kidney stones...and good riddance to them! ;-)

Moving on to happier things...

After the craziness that was Mass last Sunday, I'm happy to report that they both did beautifully today!

And, a bit of exciting news...the book I co-authored was reviewed in Chicago's archdiocesan paper The Catholic New World:

You can read the full review here. I am beyond flattered! Now go pick up a copy!


  1. I totally hear you on the first part...I'm so guilty of going along and trusting in myself and then something happens and BAM...I'm forced to rely on God again.

  2. The plum top and the gray skirt make such a nice fall color combination! And yes, the sufferings make us remember that we need God every day!

  3. That is a great reminder of the sufferings throughout the day being gifts. Things that hopefully draw us closer to Christ. MG has had a nasty cough and has not been sleeping well at night so I needed to read this!

  4. Gosh, Michele, even though your medical issues are "the worst"...I still hope that you are cut a break soon! I am glad that you are feeling a bit better. Hopefully this last stone is the very last of them.

    Also, that top picture of you and your girls is ridiculous adorable. You should frame it and put it on the Abbott's desk :D

  5. Hope you're feeling better Michelle and thanks for the reminder, you are so right about us thinking we're doing it all ourselves, God is always there with us.

  6. Your skirt looks so comfortable! Congratulations on your book! How exciting!! Stopping by from FLAP. Have a blessed and healthy week!!


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