Laughing in the Face of Evil

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First I have to direct you to this fantastic blog post. Just representative of some of the great posts I've encountered addressing whether or not celebrating Halloween goes against the Catholic faith.

(If it's any consolation to you, by the way, I listened to a wonderful homily today from Fr. Anthony, preaching at EWTN's daily Mass. He assured parents that practicing an innocent, childlike version of Halloween is totally fine, but that any instances of encouraging curiosity about evil should obviously be avoided.)

Anyway, I've been really discerning (alongside the Abbot) what direction to take Halloween in our own family.


My little Snow White, waiting for a Halloween themed storytime at the library this morning. She even got to go trick-or-treating around the library as part of the fun!

About a month ago, Halloween decorations started cropping up around our neighborhood. Sister Stinky, always curious and nervous about scary things asked me about them, "Mommy, what that is?"

In that moment, I made a split second decision. I had recently been reading some really interesting takes on whether or not to expose your children to scary things (I'm thinking especially of Kendra's blog as well as the beginning of this book). From a practical standpoint, I knew that there was no way to complete ignore Halloween, but I wanted to give her some way to make sense of it.

"Those are Halloween decorations," I told her.


My little cutie at her very first preschool storytime, looking so very attentive!

"People put up scary decorations for Halloween," I continued, "because Halloween is the night before All Saints Day. The saints remind us that Jesus already won the victory over everything scary. So we don't need to be scared...we can even laugh at the scary things!"

She seemed satisfied with that answer, and it's a theme we've returned to frequently. (For more on this sort of thought, you really must read the first chapter of Landscape with Dragons.)


I wanted a happy pumpkin. Sister Stinky wanted a sad one. We compromised with a "surprised" pumpkin.

But that is the reality of this, my friends. All Hallow's Eve, while filled with fun traditions, is meant to be a reminder of something much bigger...the fact that we don't have to fear the scary things any more. The saints, who faced so many scary things without fear - trusting in God with all their hearts - remind us of this. They remind us that the scariest thing - death itself! - has already been conquered. 

The saints are, truly, a sign of hope in a world filled with scary things, aren't they?


No costume for me, Mommy? No candy? Sister Nugget is not impressed.

So take heart, dear friends. Do we still often feel scared in this fallen world? Yep. Do we need to? Nope. We can take our cue from the saints and trust that, truly, we can embrace even that which may be scary - that is, the cross. For the cross is our only hope.


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