From the Mouth of Sister Stinky

Linking up with the lovely Hallie, to share some mid-week cheer!!


When Sister Nugget and I got home from being out the other day, Sister Stinky appeared at her window:

Sister Stinky: Mommy!
Me: Hi, sweetheart.
Sister Stinky: I up here, Mommy.
Me: I see you, sweetheart.
Sister Stinky: Look...Daddy have a cute face!
Drags the Abbot over to the window and sticks his face by the window for me to see.


We've been going to Mass at our Archdiocesan center once a week. While there last week, there was another little kid (a one and a half year old) there with her parents. She was babbling a little during Mass:

Sister Stinky: What that noise, Mommy?
Me: Oh, that's just another little kid over there.
Sister Stinky (in a not quiet voice): Hey, you! Be quiet over there!
Turns back to Mommy with a proud look on her face. 


Me: Yeah, so you could be called to be a Sister. That could be your vocation.
Sister Stinky: No. I marry [name of little boy that is the son of one of the Abbot's classmates]. That my vocation, [I] think.
Me: Okay, sweetheart. We can pray about it.


While at the playground the other day, having recently discussed the fact that the Abbot was not going to be waiting at home for us, because he had to go in to work:

Sister Stinky: Mommy, you queen! I princess.
Me: Oh, thank you, sweetheart. And your sister is another baby princess, isn't she?
Sister Stinky: Uh-huh. But, handsome prince not here. He at work.


I saved the best for last. This conversation occurred while driving home from a friend's house, listening to the Glorious Mysteries being prayed on the radio:

Radio person: The Fifth Glorious Mystery: Mary is crowned queen of heaven and earth.
Sister Stinky: She not queen, Mommy!
Me: Yes, sweetheart. Mary is queen. She is queen of heaven and earth! Isn't that special?
Sister Stinky: NO, MOMMY! She not queen. She just my mommy.
Me: Oh, and she's Jesus' mommy, too. Actually she's mommy of all the baptized.
Sister Stinky: No, Mommy. She not Mommy of all the baptized. She just my mommy.
Me: Well, we have to share her with everyone else who is baptized. She's Mommy's mommy in heaven, too.
Sister Stinky: NO, Mommy. She not your mommy in heaven. She JUST my mommy!
Me: Well, she's the mommy of everyone who is baptized, because Jesus gave her to us. And we hope that everyone will be baptized one day!
Sister Stinky: I not hope that everyone be baptized. 

A few minutes later...
Radio man: Hail, Holy Queen, mother of mercy....
Sister Stinky: Mary not queen! She just my mommy!


  1. These are too funny! Especially the last one about Mary not being queen but just mommy. Awww

  2. oh my gosh.....those are HILARIOUS!!!


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