7 Quick Takes - Preschool and such

Joining up with Jen and friends!

Okay, writing this on Thursday night...and they really are going to be quick!! Because I have me a movie date with the Abbot tonight. ;-)


The new plan for preschool work has been going well! As she approaches three years old, I see Sister Stinky actually getting a little interested in things like counting, learning her ABCs, etc. And I LOVE having her little preschool space always there, always set up. It means I never need to set anything up for her. We just go into our space (complete with rocking chair for fussy baby and me) and have fun!


I have been really pleasantly surprised in the past week or so to discover that Sister Stinky actually likes doing metal inset tracing! It's a fun way to do some pre-writing, so hop on that bandwagon if you're so inclined.


That wasn't an affiliate link, fyi. That's just the brand we have.



Tomorrow is the feast of St. Francis. He's near and dear to my heart since he's one of my twin's patron saints. Happy Patron saint day, Francesca!


Speaking of which, I hope she doesn't mind me sharing this, but she just sent me some fun pictures to share with her goddaughter (Sister Stinky). They're of my home parish's blessing of the pets (in honor of St. Francis). She's the pretty one holding the big cat carrier. ;-)

Sister Stinky is going to love these pictures!


Arghhh...and now that has my heart aching for fall in Michigan! So lovely!!!

Happy Feast of St. Francis, one and all!


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