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Linking up, this week, with the lovely daughter of Auntie Leila!

So, while visiting the Abbot's parents up in the Chicago area, I was blessed with the visit of one of my dearest friends.


Isn't she lovely? (And aren't those two little girls of mine lovely, too??) My friend (and faithful reader of this blog) is so beautiful inside and out, and the time spent with her was good for my soul. :-)


Someone has been learning how to smile! This picture doesn't even do her smile justice, but I couldn't get the one I wanted uploaded properly...so know that bigger smiles are coming!!!


My friend refers to this as Sister Nugget's "burrito." Mmmm...good enough to eat right up!

All kidding aside...Miracle Blanket, I love you.



This is what Sister Nugget was really like the second half of yesterday. My goodness, the girl has a pair of lungs on her! She will cry with the same intensity that Sister Stinky would cry with while getting shots. But Sister Stinky cried for, like, a minute. Sister Nugget...ummm....many, many minutes. ;-)

Last night, as I was snuggling with her while she was screaming - hoping she'd finally give in to sleep, because the poor girl was waaaaay overtired, hence the screaming - I was able to stay calm by envisioning her as a teenager, crying on my shoulder. I know that sounds a bit ridiculous, but the reality of mothering these littles is that sometimes it seems like this stage will never end. But in reality, this stage is only the beginning of the lifelong journey of mothering them. The practice I get now, holding a screaming baby and not feeling like I have to "fix it," but rather just be there for her however I can...well, it's good practice for the many meltdowns destined to happen in the life of any normal daughter.  The realization, though, that it would always be quite this hard keeps me going...I can't wait to see who this little baby grows up to be!


  1. Haha, you are too kind:) She *does* look like a little burrito of cuteness, haha. Check your email for LOTS more pictures of adorable Sister Nugget! Love you!


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