Five Favorites - funny edition

Linking up with the lovely Grace who is taking the reins for Hallie this week!

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I've been heading it off against a formidable opponent this week...Monsieur Kidney Stone. I'm happy to say that the combination of some lovely medicine and some online hilarity is quickly turning the tide: Michele - 1; kidney stone - 0

Because how can you be too miserable with my five favorite hilarious bloggers on your blogroll?


Camp Patton

Oh my word...this lady is hilarious. Whenever I think I'm going to lose it in this game called motherhood, I can always count on Grace for a good laugh. Her oldest daughter is about a month older than my oldest daughter, which means I thoroughly enjoy reading Conversations with Julie. You will, too.


Oh, boy...this blog is such a treat! If you haven't yet been treated to Mama Knows, Honeychild, then you haven't really lived. She is so stinkin' hilarious! I just love how she captures the human condition in stick figure cartoons. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.


If you haven't yet met Cam and her three little cuties, you really must! Her husband is in graduate school, too (Law school, actually) so I can totally relate to her living in academic year mode. On Saturday morning she runs a weekly series, called, "Sadie's Saturday Morning Nun Talks."  (Sadie is her oldest daughter, who decided when she was a mere tot that she was going to grow up to be a nun.) Cam shares some hilarious conversations (as well as some really sweet and beautiful exchanges) with her oldest daughter on the subject. 


The level of hilarity that happens on Grasping for Objectivity is amazing. Even better is how Rachel conveys that hilarity through her gift for writing. Pretty much all the posts are hilarious, but my personal favorites are "It's the Yittle Fings" on her b-side portion of her blog. Too, too funny!


The last take is devoted to two bloggers who have especially hilarious run-downs of the things that come out of their children's mouths. Both these bloggers keep me in stitches with the antics of their littles!

time flies when you're having babies

Once you've met Ana you'll wonder how you ever lived without her and her "Too Much Talking" series!

Any other recommendations for blogger hilarity?


  1. Lurker first time commenting. I love it when bloggers showcase other really good bloggers. Your blog cracks me up! And no shame to plug your own blog in there! Love.

  2. Don't know why I said first time commenter. I think I have sleep deprivation brain going on!

  3. Thanks for the mention! Do you read Better than Eden? I group you and Mary in the same category in my mind (Catholic homeschooling mom bloggers who seem really really nice? I don't know...) and if you're not already reading her blog I think you'd really like it! I feel like we both probably read all the same blogs already ;)

  4. I concur wholeheartedly with all of those. The only one I hadn't heard of was Grasping for Objectivity. I have an overflowing feedly but I might just have to add one more! :)


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