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Sister Stinky has much primping to do. And Sister Nugget is not singing, but rather vocalizing her displeasure over being confined to her little red seat. She hates her little red seat!

Oh, my goodness! Hats off to all of you Mamas of more than one who have been doing this whole "taking more than one small child to Sunday Mass" deal for far longer than I have! Both of these little girls did fairly well at Mass, but still...just trying to keep track of more than one small child at a time can make your head spin! Seriously, how do you lovely ladies stay sane?

Next week, Sister Nugget is getting baptized...so look forward to a fun post this week about how our family prepares for the Sacrament of Baptism! 

Also have to share this picture:

As per our family custom, we went for a Sunday drive after Mass. Sister Nugget had her diaper changed and tummy filled part way through and still could not settle down for a nap. I'm not sure who these fabled babies are who instantly fall asleep in the car but I have yet to birth one! After her screaming reached a pitch that we had never heard before - even Sister Stinky had given up singing to her and was covering her ears - and we were stopped at train tracks I turned to the Abbot and said, "I'm going to go try to sit back there between them." 

"There's no way you can fit back there!" he sagely pointed out.

"I think I can do it!"

And so, I squeezed in between the two car seats and stopped the screaming. I was also prompted accosted by both girls as their favorite comfort object. :-)


  1. Hahaha. Oh my goodness--kudos to you for squeezing yourself into that middle seat! And I think Sister Stinky looks more like you in that last picture.


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