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On Sunday, our beautiful little girl was welcomed into the Church, and washed free of original sin. I can't even begin to express the joy I felt. I live for Baptisms and other Sacraments in general, but the Baptism of one of our girls? Be still my heart.

As challenging as pregnancy is, this is what makes it all worth it! I love their births, but their Baptisms...it's a whole different level of joy. Through birth, all they gain is physical life. But through Baptism...they not only gain spiritual life, but they gain a whole new family. Mary becomes their mother, God is their Father, and the whole Church becomes their family. Before her Baptism yesterday, holding my precious girl I thought, "After her Baptism, she won't just be mine anymore..." I felt a little sadness at the thought. She would no longer be just my child...she would be God's adoptive daughter. And yet...isn't that just the beginning of her vocational journey? As much as I love her, and as much as she delights me, she doesn't exist for my pleasure. She exists to know and love God, and for Him to love her.

This letting go, the letting go that happens when parents give their child back to God at Baptism...it is the beginning of a long journey of letting go. But, oh...what a beautiful journey that is!

I love the prayers of Baptism so deeply, but I especially love the blessing on the mother, in which the priest refers to the mother and her child praising God in heaven together forever. That is my goal and aim as a mother! And it fills my heart with such joy to think of that.

The beloved Monsignor came back to our parish to baptize her, and that was a gift in itself. He did a beautiful job of catechesizing within the Sacrament. It lit my heart on fire, and I can only hope it touched the Catholics and non-Catholics alike there in a similar way.

We were very blessed, in that most of the people who came to the Baptism came to Mass. Our parish is definitely an "older" one, with few children...so it was delightful to be surrounded by the sounds of so many little voices. Knowing so many of the people at Mass, and knowing that they were there to welcome our little one into the Church...it was a taste of heaven, I think.

With our children and some of our godchildren...

On the drive home, I told the Abbot, "If heaven is like that, then...'Come, Lord Jesus, quickly come!'"

Praise God for the gift of the Sacraments!


  1. I really enjoy baptisms too! And I love your explanation on how our children become God's children once they receive the sacrament

  2. Yay! I love how you and Sister Stinky are both wearing blue. You match the back wall of the church and it's a Marian color. I hope she still smells like chrism!!! Thanks for posting these pictures:)

  3. Happy Baptism to Nugget! What a blessing to have so many other children in attendance :)


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