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Beautiful sisters...just enjoying each other!


Don't let anyone tell you that being the wife of a doctoral student of theology is without its perks. Limited budget? Yeah. But the perks are incredible!

My favorite perk thus far...the wonderful priest, who the Abbot is a research assistant for and who is much loved by our family (and not just because he gives us free sparkling juice -he'd give us wine but I'm obsessed with their sparkling juice!- from his family's amazing Michigan winery) offered to come visit us the day after Sister Nugget was born and offer Mass in my hospital room for our little family!!! I would have been happy if he just brought me Communion, but Mass in my fragile post-partum state? Best. Gift. Ever!


Sister Stinky rolled over for the first time when she was 4 months old. Sister Nugget? 4 days old. We thought it was a fluke, so we rolled her on to her stomach two more times and she would flip and look at us like, "What? Was that supposed to be hard or something?"


Raising two little girls? Let the fun begin.


  1. Congratulations!! Your baby and daughter are precious. God bless!

  2. I have two girls who are 21 months apart and they are now just getting to the really fun stage of interacting and doing things together!

  3. The first picture is adorable, two sisters...beautiful :)

  4. sweet little sisters- and now I want a girl

    1. Well....keep in mind not everyone is capable of producing little boys as cute as your three! ;-)

  5. Such sweet pictures - congratulations! Can't believe she rolled over at 4 days old! My 4 MONTH old just started to roll! ;) And Mass is your hospital room - what an awesome treat!

  6. Congratulations - what adorable little girls. Blessings!

  7. You have some awesome priests in your life! And I think I just saw a picture on Facebook of this priest with the Ann Arbor Dominicans. Too cool!


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