7 Quick Takes - From the Mouth of Sister Stinky edition

This post brought to you by my lovely husband who agreed to watch the girls while I got out for a bit this morning. Linking up with the lovely Jen, as always!


The girls have been all kinds of crazy this week! The little one has had her ups and downs with sleep, and the big one...ohhhh, where to begin? Yesterday, Sister Stinky - our sweet, mostly obedient child - took it upon herself to condense several years of toddler mischief into the span of 24 hours. Not even worth getting into details, but suffice it to say...the Abbot and I were beside ourselves! Thankfully, after being sent to her room multiple times and having some of her toys put away, she finally got the message that we meant business and obedient daughter returned.


I can’t really leave Sister Stinky at that, though…because she really has been handling this whole sibling thing much better than we expected. To our delight, her sense of humor and imagination have really, really blossomed. She definitely keeps us laughing!

The other day, I walked into her room and she had her head buried under the pillow looking sad. I asked her what was wrong and she said, “Mine hand told me no sing the alligator song.” (She’d made up a song about the alligator toy she was playing with. As a note of background, she frequently resorts to using her hands as toys...she’s come up with whole games in the backseat of the car where different fingers have different personalities, etc.) I laughed. “Sweetheart, just tell your hand, ‘Stop being silly, hand!’ and keep singing your song.” She brightened up.

Love that girl.


Poor girl has had her share of potty training woes recently, especially of the poop variety. My favorite story, though, happened a week or so ago. I was in the Abbot’s office, getting ready to check e-mail or something, and I heard her brightly talking in her room (this was during nap time). I almost went in there because it sounded like she was having a conversation with a real person. A few moments later, I heard, “Mommy! Daddy! Potty! Potty!”

I ran in her room, and she was slightly hysterical. When I scooped her up, I realized that there was already a mess in her pants (in a big way). I asked her what had happened and she started talking about “small baby” (one of her favorite dolls). “What happened? Small baby told you to do this?” I asked. “No...small baby...she said, ‘No poop pants.’” My frustration instantly gave way to laughter. “Sweetheart? Are you saying that small baby was telling you not to poop your pants?” “Uh-huh.” “And you did anyway?” (Nods her head.) “Oh, sweetheart, next time just listen to small baby when she tells you something like that…”


So, Sister Stinky has more than compensated for her frustrating moments by the amount of laughter she’s been bringing us lately!


Some time this week, I”m really hoping to be able to post something about our “preschool” plans. I’ve taken a long break, and done a lot of thinking, and I think God is calling our family in a less structured direction right now. I look forward to sharing more about that with you!


Sister Nugget “slept through the night” (i.e. slept a six hour stretch) for the first time last night. I don’t remember the first time that happened with Sister Stinky, but it sure as heck wasn’t at 5 weeks! God bless the inventors of the “Miracle Blanket!”


Off to the Catholic bookstore to spend some Baptism gift money! Have a great weekend!


  1. You are so lucky your little one is sleeping so well at night. The most we get is 3 hours and on occasion 4. Such funny stories of your toddler. It is such a fun age!

  2. She's too funny!!! And just soooo cute :) I love the hand story - what a hilariously creative kid!


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