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Linking up with the lovely Jen this morning!


Let it be known that the only reason why I'm able to squeeze in some blogging time is this:

This man is kinda crazy-in-love with his daughters. :-)


Although, daughter #2 is a bit of a fusspot at the moment (wants to eat all day every day!) so we'll see how long this precious blogging time will last! How about we peruse some links together, friends?


When the Abbot and I were in college together, he introduced me to the awesomeness that is Jim Gaffigan. (I laughed so hard at his routine on Comedy Central that I think I was scaring his roommates a little bit.) Anyway, I read this fantastic article yesterday about the unique witness given by this popular comedian (who is also the Catholic father of a somewhat larger family).


And my ship has totally arrived because I just got an e-mail from the library this morning that my turn to read Jim Gaffigan's latest book has finally come!


I tend to want to overdo things post-partum, suffer the consequences, but then still feel guilty for taking the time to mend and rest. Auntie Leila's words of wisdom were just what I needed to read yesterday.


I also appreciated reading about the post-partum lying in period practiced by other cultures. American culture needs to "get with it," clearly. Being waited on hand and foot in the weeks after giving birth? Sign me up, please!!!


And...my littlest friend has returned for her second breakfast. :-) 

Happy 2 week birthday, Sister Nugget!


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