7 Quick Takes - 1 week birthday!!!

Linking up with the lovely Jen who needs to be awarded a special prize for braving Ikea with 6 CHILDREN!!!


Sister Nugget is one week old today!! Last night, the Abbot and I were reminiscing about the craziness of one week ago..."And last week at this time my contractions were just barely starting...and little did we know she would be here 4 hours later..." Yeah. Gotta write that birth story. It was CRAZY!


So, my lovely newborn timed her arrival to coincide with national Breastfeeding/feeding week? It's been somewhat encouraging, because she is not the natural nurser her sister was. Don't get me wrong...she loves her milk and nurses ALOT, but she seems to be having a trickier time learning the latching process and is definitely more of a, "Hello, Mommy, let's hang out here ALLLL DAY!!!" type nurser, haha. But we're learning together! 


I probably mentioned this already, but the Abbot took this whole week off and it's been like having a week of Sundays in this house. SUCH a blessing as we all get to know each other!


Gratuitous picture of the Abbot and Sister Nugget.

Have I mentioned how much I love seeing this man with his newborns?? I kind of feel like there's nothing more manly in the whole world than the image of a man with a fragile newborn in his strong arms :-)


The first wave of grandparents arrives tomorrow. So excited to introduce Sister Nugget to some more of her family! It's been hard being so far from family during this time of life, but God has provided such wonderful friends for us during this time that it is a real consolation. 


Sister Nugget's Baptism date is all set. Get excited because I'm definitely going to share with you the special traditions our family has for preparing a new member to enter the Church. She has a great set of godparents, too, so I'm looking forward to including them in our traditions. AND it looks like Sister Stinky's wonderful godparents will also be able to come to the Baptism, as well, so that will be special for her ;-)


Aaaannnd I would be remiss if I didn't mention life post-hyperemesis. It DOES exist! Today is probably the first day I don't feel nauseous in the morning, but I think my nausea this week wasn't residual hyperemesis but rather the residual effect of post-partum pain medication in the hospital (ibuprofen tends to do a number on my stomach, haha). My diet was sooo altered this time around that it is taking a bit to adjust to normal food again, but I'm readjusting! Pizza be mine!!!!


  1. If your labor got quite a bit shorter- watch out for number 3! Ours went from 45 hrs, to under 4 hours, to 1.5 hours!

    Hurry up with that birth story missy!

  2. Ohhh, Love birth stories. Glad the first week is going well!

  3. Oh my goodness, I love all her hair!!!!:) When does she get to smell like chrism?:)


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