WIWS - Saturday Vigil Edition and 37.5 weeks!

Hi, friends! Linking up with the lovely ladies of Fine Linen and Purple, as always!

Yep, Saturday Vigil Mass again this week! We opted for that this week because nights have been getting more interesting and I've started having some non-Braxton Hicks contractions the past couple of days (like what early labor was like with Sister Stinky) that keep fizzling out, along with some cramping. The bad news? According to the many baby forums out there on the interwebs this means absolutely nothing, and the little girl could still stay inside Mommy past her due date! Prodromal labor, perhaps?

No matter. We're rounding the finish line!!! Maybe I'll have my baby in my arms by her first patron saint day? If yes, she and I will celebrate with copious amounts of food sent to my hospital bed. Ohhhh...so excited to be able to eat normal food again soon!

Thanks to all those praying for sweet Baby A. Here's an update!


  1. cute! Cute dress, cute baby bump. You look gorgeous. So exciting....come on baby!!!

  2. You look darling. :) I am 39 weeks now and have also had the opportunity to google "prodromal labor" in spite of having done this 6 times before! The body is amazing and certainly doesn't like being pigeon-holed into neat stages and categories...lol. God bless you and yours... and your upcoming labor and delivery!


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