WIWS - repeat and almost 37 weeks!

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We actually went to the Vigil Mass last night, since my in-laws were visiting and didn't want to have to rush this morning. We got to see our new pastor again, and I still think the word best used to describe him would be "jolly." Ain't no harm in a jolly pastor, friends! (He's also, thankfully, one of those precious priests that actually prays the prayers in the Missal without changing the words, and I legit appreciate that! The priests in our diocese are thankfully pretty good about not ad-libbing! I have encountered enough of the other variety in my past that I actually have the occasional invalid Mass nightmare. Yep. I'm one of those liturgy nerds.)

Anyway, the outfit was just a repeat of a the dress I wore a few weeks ago, but with a brown shrug instead of a scarf. Nothing too thrilling in maternity land, friends! (Although that dress was recently lent to me by a much loved friend and has definitely made me feel a little bit better about my appearance in these final weeks!)

The picture I wanted to share with you this week was taken by my father-in-law post Mass last night (and back in "play clothes" as Sister Stinky calls them). It's a picture of another much loved friend:

As you get to the end of a pregnancy (especially one with the added stress of dealing with something like hyperemesis) it can be really easy to wallow in self pity and take your spouse for granted. I know that I've hit that point (again, with the importance of that pre-labor spiritual prep!) and I'm finding myself needing to take a step back and realize what the birth of this child is really about - the Abbot and I giving God our "yes" to this next stage of our vocation. In light of some of the utter silliness out there these days (just read the comments responding to this beautiful piece) I realize how blessed I am to be married to a man who sees the value of each child, and who is happy and eager to welcome more.

The other night, I was laying in bed and all of a sudden it hit me...I am so blessed that my vocation is to help these three people grow in holiness! But, also incredibly true, is how blessed I am to be formed in holiness by each of them. I don't know what kind of person I would be without each of them, but I can promise you I would not be the person I am today! Thank God for the Abbot and his offspring!

In other news, my little yo-yo baby continues to drop low and pick herself up again...so no telling when she'll arrive. These little stinkers love to keep their parents guessing! I'm just feeling happy and content knowing that everything that had to be done or bought or made before her arrival has been taken care of. Now, as I wait a few more days, I'm just going to soak up a little bit more alone time with that precious oldest daughter of mine, and snatch a few extra nights of Netflix watching time with her daddy.


  1. Hmm the picture won't load for me for some reason... But I bet you all looked beautiful!

    It's amazing how children change us and help us grow spiritually - I feel like with all these kids I have no time for prayer, and yet when I think about what my life was like before I had them (when I DID have time for prayer but didn't use it effectively), I feel like they have brought me so much closer to Christ :)


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