WIWS and Womb Service - 36 weeks tomorrow!!!

Linking up with the lovely ladies of What I Wore Sunday and also with the glowing Katrina, and her "Womb Service" link-up!

A week from tomorrow I'll be full term! So excited and relieved!!!

Inspired by the lovely Mary I purposely wore the same dress as last week but added some accessories - a blue sweater, a necklace, and blue earrings (which didn't show up in the picture but are definitely there - they were a birthday present from my lovely twin sister!). The Abbot took this picture rather quickly - we were off for the installation Mass of our new pastor!

I'm pleased to say, by the way, that so far I really like our new pastor! And, he's already proven his ability to  talk to 2 year olds, and Sister Stinky is totally won over!!!

After sneaking home for a quick cat nap (for Sister Stinky) we headed back out! One of our good family friends (who's oldest two are much loved by our Stinky) was having their newest member baptized. There little guy was baptized in our diocese's absolutely stunning cathedral, which is also where our oldest godchild was baptized.. It is absolutely beautiful! I'm fairly certain that we could probably fit our church inside of it at least 100 times...

And...as the womb service days draw to a close for this pregnancy, I just had to join Katrina's link-up! Because I battle hyperemesis for my entire pregnancies I always feel like my girls are a bit jipped. The question is usually, "What sounds like something I can eat without wanting to throw up?" and rarely, "What sounds good to eat?" Eating is a chore for me when pregnant. BUT I think that my girls actually like the arrangement, and prove that they are truly their Daddy's girls when they are in-utero. The Abbot has a handful of favorite meals - all very simple fare - and he would be more than happy to just eat the same thing every single day! That's pretty much what womb service looks like for me...lots of monotony and simple foods! Cereal and fruit have both been staples for both of my pregnancies, and each has also had very unique food tolerances/intolerances. This pregnancy, I practically lived off of canned tamales around Christmastime, for example! Pretty much any product with wheat in it will make me intensely nauseous, but anything spicy seems to sit well with my stomach! With Stinky, I practically liked off of english muffins and margarine for a good chunk of my first trimester, and couldn't stand red meat for the entire pregnancy. (I devoured a cheeseburger after giving birth to her!!) Thankfully, the medication I take - which I just found out is officially coming back on the market which means we won't have to pay for it out of pocket and have it shipped from a compounding pharmacy next time around- makes it possible for me to keep pretty much any food down...some just makes me more miserable than others.

But...womb service is about to close up shop for a while...and I'm about to enter into the wonderful world of milk production which means - MUST EAT ALL THE FOOD!!! Amen and amen.


  1. Oooooh, wonderful to hear about your medication!!

  2. Lots of things to say!

    - Thank you for linking up!
    - You are the glowing one. Seriously.
    - I love how your husband takes care of you.
    - Yay for medication!!
    - Love the dress and the way you mixed it up!

  3. Ditto to all...so good to know about the meds!

  4. Yay for almost full term! Food is getting so close to getting to be in your belly :)

    ps- thanks for your comments on the Montessori posts. I had no idea people would actually link to it and get really offended and become mean!

    1. Oh, my goodness...I was amazed by the strong reaction you got, too! I even defended you on another Montessori blog I subscribe to, haha. I think your conclusion to the series was great, though, because moms need to know that they ultimately need to just follow whatever direction God is guiding their family in. Hopefully you reassured some people out there who were freaking out! I also got a kick out of people suggesting you were totally uninformed because I was thinking, "Wait, you realize that this girl has a Notre Dame degree...that she finished while pregnant??" Seriously, you're one of the smartest people I know!

  5. I must say, seeing the cathedral and taking lots of pictures is reason enough for me to come down and visit someday! Haha.


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